11 Best Reasons to Have a Dubai Destination Wedding

First things first, congratulations are in order for you and your partner. Thinking of tying the knot in the cosmopolitan and diverse city of Dubai but unsure if it’s worth it? Then let this article enlighten you on why this busy yet colorful emirate should be a host to your destination wedding!

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If you’re not yet engaged but dream of having a destination wedding in Dubai, you’ll also get a gist of why you chose the right location for your future dream wedding! Here are the 11 best reasons why you should have a Dubai destination wedding.

1. Dubai has agreeable weather


Dubai is known to be a sunny emirate, so people from around the world spend their summer vacations in the city. Of course, Dubai also has a winter season if you’re into having a chilly wedding.

You don’t have to worry if your wedding won’t push through due to thunderstorms or rains since Dubai has fantastic weather conditions couples shouldn’t worry about. It would be best to consult with your wedding planner or if you’re a bride who has a tight budget and does DIY. You can opt in and ask fellow kabayans who got hitched in the city for advice regarding the best time to get married and other tips and tricks to pull off a memorable destination wedding!

2. There are plenty of Dubai-based tourist attractions


Dubai is not just home to famous skyscrapers that architectures and interior designers will adore, but couples will also love getting married in one of the top tourist attractions in the city, like the Atlantis The Palm to the Burj Al Arab.

Your wedding will undoubtedly look luxurious, stunning, and something that came out of a fairytale! You will not run out of ideas on where you can get hitched in the city since it’s overflowing with destination wedding-friendly tourist attractions such as The Raffles to the Emirates Palace.


3. Plenty of five-star hotels and resorts

If you’re keen to have a wedding in a hotel, then say no more since Dubai has plenty of five-star and luxurious hotels and resorts that will make you say you’ve made the right decision! One of the best things about Dubai is its ultra-luxurious and innovative hotels and resorts that are gorgeous and can help you prep and have fun for your wedding planning, especially for the wedding day itself!

Hotels like The One&Only Royal Mirage and Palm Jumeirah have wellness retreats and spas to accommodate your bachelorette parties or skincare needs. You can get married in magnificent hotels such as Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, InterContinental Dubai, Sofitel Dubai, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach resort, and more!

4. Cost-effective for Dubai-based couples

If you’re an OFW Dubai-based couple, getting married in the city can be cost-effective since you don’t have to spend money booking tickets to go back to the Philippines. Depending on your budget and preference, Dubai can help you have a beautiful elopement wedding or an intimate destination wedding that doesn’t break your wallet. It all depends on your priorities, and if you’re working in the food and beverage industry, then you can have an employee discount from your employer!

Yes, Dubai is a city known for its ultra-high-end lifestyle and luxurious vibe. Still, you can find ways to stay within your budget for your destination wedding with suitable wedding suppliers and coordinators. You can achieve your dream wedding, a memorable one. If you’re an OFW who is marrying a local, you don’t have to worry about having a destination wedding since your in-laws or Dubai-based friends can help you navigate it with a breeze since they know everything about the city!

5. Easy to get multicultural wedding suppliers or must-haves for an interracial couple

Having a wedding destination in Dubai can make it easier for OFWs who will be marrying someone from different cultural backgrounds. Since the city is a hub of diverse cultures, you can easily find your wedding must-haves, whether Indian, Arabic, Chinese or more! You can easily find the right supplier for your destination wedding, whether it’s an English garden-inspired setup or a full-on Indian wedding ceremony.


6. The couple can invite their diverse set of colleagues and friends


If you’re a Dubai-based couple, you can easily invite your friends from work or the community in the city; the best part is it’s going to be a colorful and exciting bunch with diversity. You can make memories with people from all walks of life on your special day if you’re not a Dubai resident; that’s okay since you can bring in the gang and your close loved ones to enjoy the beauty Dubai can offer on your wedding day.


7. Top-notch and diverse wedding packages and event planners to see

Another perk of planning a destination wedding in Dubai is you’ll have plenty of choices for wedding packages and event planners in the city. At some point, you’ll feel overwhelmed since the city is sprawling with the finest event planners or coordinators ready to make your lavish wedding dream come true!

Dubai is no stranger to events and ceremonies; therefore, you won’t have difficulty finding the right wedding packages and planners to help you out on your wedding destination, even if you’re not in the city.


8. Gateway to different honeymoon destinations


Yes, Dubai is located in the middle east, which makes it a win-win situation for Dubai residents or those who want to go on a romantic honeymoon getaway beyond the gulf. Dubai is a gateway to different countries that can cater to your honeymoon, whether in the Maldives or on a European tour; you name it, and you’ll get it!

9. Have the chance to bond with your family by touring Dubai

Since you’re already in Dubai for the wedding, why don’t you take it as an opportunity to bond with your loved ones in the city? You can take them to different places Pia Wurtzbach explored or bring them to restaurants as an after-party celebration.


10. Dubai-based fashion designers are near you


Last but not least, Michael Cinco, one of the famous and talented Filipino fashion designers, is based in Dubai, so you can have a chance to wear one of his masterpieces on your special day! If you’re looking for other Arabic fashion designers based in the city, it’s looking good for you since you’ll find them sprawling over the city of Dubai!