8 Groovy Reasons to Learn Belly dancing

Dance is a universal language, even if you’re still learning the ropes in Arabic. If you’ve seen stunning belly-dancing performances in one of your desert safari adventures or are keen on becoming fit and a belly-dancing goddess like Shakira, whenever you jam to Arabic musicians, then learning belly dancing is an excellent way for you to achieve that goal!

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Dubai for business or pleasure, but learning belly dancing will help you appreciate Arabic culture; aside from wine-ing and dining your way through the city, you can still stay active while you’re in the emirate.

1. Health benefits

There are numerous health benefits belly dancing can offer a person, from improving your posture that will help your backache problems whenever you’re working on-site or as a digital nomad. Belly dance helps you exercise your core muscles and improves your body’s flexibility, which will help you work on your thighs and glutes. 

If you’re not a big fan of yoga or hardcore exercises like Pilates, then belly dancing can still give you a workout even if it’s a low-impact exercise; therefore, women of all ages can do belly dancing. If you’re an OFW planning to get pregnant soon, belly dancing will help you prepare for childbirth or pregnancy as a form of prenatal exercise.

We get it can be tempting to eat shawarmas and biryanis as a stress reliever, but it can also lead to multiple health problems in the future. Belly Dancing can help you achieve your weight loss goals in a fun way! At the same time, it can make your skin glow and help you digest food better which is a win-win situation for most people. Belly dancing is also a form of skincare since you’ll be sweating the toxins away! There are different forms of belly dancing, from gypsy or Turkish belly dance to American tribal style or ATS; you can always check which belly dancing forms will fit your needs and lifestyle!


2. Promote an active lifestyle


Belly dancing will help you stay active whether you’re a dancer or not since you’ll have the chance to squeeze in some physical activity right after your 9-5 work. It’s never easy to stay active, and with the countless floral cafes and Filipino restaurants, it can be a struggle, but once you learn how to do hip drops and shimmy, then you’ll not regret learning belly dance and investing in making yourself better!


3. Boosts self-confidence

Think you don’t have what it takes to learn belly dancing or wear those gorgeous belly dancing bedlah or outfits? You’re mistaken since once you’re learning belly dancing you’ll feel good about your body and feel empowered in the process. Belly dancing doesn’t only help you get fit but also practice self-love and body positivity! You can also get inspiration from Nora Fatehi Bollywood Arabic star who is known for her confidence and skills in belly dancing.

It’s normal for you to feel insecure or unsure if you’re fit to learn belly dancing, but the good thing is everyone can learn this Arabic dance and feel good about themselves, so wear that glowing skin and smile after finishing a belly dance session!


4. Make you love Arabic culture


So you’re in Dubai, eating mouthwatering Arabic food, reading middle eastern books, studying Arabic, or taking a short course in one of its best training centres. How can you pass up the chance to learn belly dancing and fully immerse yourself in the culture? Learning belly dancing will help you fully understand the origins of belly dancing and its essence in Arabic culture, not just for entertainment purposes but on a spiritual level. If you can’t get enough of the Arabic culture and listening to Arabic music doesn’t cut it, enrolling yourself in beginner belly dancing lessons will complete your Arabian night’s adventure or Dubai life.


5. You’ll join a new community

If you’re having a hard time finding new friends or forming connections in the city, whether you’re here short term or for the long haul, then enrolling yourself in belly dancing lessons will help you find your tribe. You’ll get more than what you came for in a belly dancing lesson, and you’ll get a chance to meet other people, network, and share the same interests with them. You’re in Dubai, and there are plenty of ways to find a community in the city, and dance classes are one of them so take advantage of that opportunity! 


6. Good for mental health

Belly dancing, or any form of dance, has been scientifically proven to be an excellent way to destress, improve your mood, and induce better sleep, all of which can benefit your mental health. Whenever you feel the winter blues kicking in or feeling homesick, then belly dancing can help alleviate anxiety or depression symptoms. 


7. Fun and interesting to try 


Another good thing about learning belly dancing is if you’re looking for a challenging yet rewarding dance aside from Tango or pandanggo sa ilaw, then belly dancing should be right up your alley! Belly dancing is enjoyable since it’s a culmination of the Arabic culture, and if you’re keen on learning more about them, then trying them out firsthand can be exciting and new. Belly dancing is no doubt fun; you’ll have plenty of learning curves, and laughs in the process, bond with other belly dancing or fitness enthusiasts and learn one shimmy roll at a time.


8. You’ll gain new hobbies and skills

Learning belly dancing is a great addition to your skills since it’ll show your interest in learning the Arabic culture in a fun and exciting way. If you’ve always been a dance lover, then belly dancing is another excellent addition to your list of dancing moves! The dance doesn’t only make you flexible but also sociable since it will help you have newfound confidence and empowerment. Belly dancing will help you see the world in a different light that can also help your job hunting or land you internship opportunities in the city!