UAE Labour Ban vs Immigration Ban

As an expat in the UAE, you may come across terms such as a Labour ban when you resign from your job. The labour ban is usually implemented by the Ministry of Labour on the basis of you not fulfilling the terms of your contract. Another type of ban is an Immigration Ban wherein you are not allowed to enter the UAE at all.

Note: Please be advised that information posted here serves only as a guide. Each case is different and we are here to help share tips based on our experience. Please use this post as a tip, but if you have any further questions or clarifications, it is best to contact authorities for your scenario or seek legal counsel.


UAE Labour Ban 

The Labour ban is imposed by the Ministry of Labour wherein you are not allowed to work in another UAE-registered company. This can run for 6 months or 1 year, depending on the situation. The 6 months ban is automatically imposed when you resign from your job or when you do not fulfill your duties. Aside from a 6 months ban from Ministry of Labour, your company has the option to add an additional 6 months (making it a total of one year). So you will not be allowed to find work in a UAE-registered company in this duration. This usually happens on Limited type of contracts.

If you’re wondering if the labour ban can be lifted or cancelled, here’s more details here – Lifting Labour Ban

UAE Immigration Ban 

Immigration or Residence ban is a different case as this means that you will not be able to enter the UAE or be granted a residence permit in the UAE at all. According to a post by EmiratesDiary, some examples where you can get an immigration ban are when you have committed criminal offense or if you have absconded from your work. Read more here – Types of Ban in the UAE

Based on these two, the labour ban seems to be a much better option because it means that even if you will not be able to work in the UAE for a certain duration (one year or 6 months), you can still stay in the country. Where as the immigration ban is that you cannot enter the UAE at all.

Again, we advise everyone to contact proper authorities before making any decision from work. Rules and descriptions may change without prior notice and it is good to check with authorities for updated information – the Ministry of Labour (for work issues) and Ministry of Interior (for visa immigration questions).

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