UAE Labour Law: Job Offer Now Legally Binding

When you get hired, you would usually be given a Job Offer letter by your employer containing details of your job such as salary, working hours, etc. This would be used only as a reference before officially getting employed under the UAE labour. Now, in the new law, any job offer letter given to an expat employee will be legally binding once it is signed by both parties (employer and employee).

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In the implementation of new updates on the UAE labour law, one of the new rules include this set-up to help refining existing laws to make the worker more secure in the workplace.

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Job Offer Letters Now Have Legal Bearing

As mandated by the Ministry of Labour, all employers are required to disclose the offer that they have made to the hired foreign worker. The job offer letters should contain detailed description of the rights and duties of the worker, and it should include terms and conditions of the employment.

It is also required that the letter is written in a language that the worker understands. Read more about it here.

Having this update means that there shouldn’t be any major changes between the Job Offer and the official Employment work contract which will avoid confusion or malpractice.

To implement this new update, MOL mentions that the employee’s work permit at the Ministry should be based on the offer letter that will be stored in the Ministry’s database.

Hence, this means that the offer letter to a foreign worker becomes a legal contract. Any changes by the employer should have the consent from the employee (with signature in agreement.

This is good news because this makes the workplace set-up more friendly and avoids possible conflicts in the future.

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