6 Months Probationary Period

The probation period in a UAE company usually runs for 6 months from the date of hire, but it may also depend on the agreement set on your work contract. The probation period is the ‘testing’ period where the company will assess your performance if you are fit for the job as a regular employee. It is also your opportunity to check if you are fit for the company.

Can I resign during the probation period?

Just to be clear, you can resign any time you wish to resign and you have to make sure you set a notice (usually 30-days) when submitting your resignation letter. However, there are possible consequences if you resign from your job (depending on your type of contract – limited or unlimited).

If you decide to resign during the probation period, you will get an automatic 6 months labour ban by MOL which means you are not allowed to work in a UAE-registered company for 6 months.

There has been a recent update, however, wherein if you plan to resign, the labour ban can be cancelled or lifted so long as there is a mutual agreement between you and your employer. This means that your employer should approve your resignation.

A tip to everyone to always read your job offer letter and your work contract before signing it and make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

Note: Information posted is only a guide and not to be used as legal reference as the labour law may change without prior notice. Make sure to check with the HR of your company or contact Ministry of Labour for your specific case. More details on UAE Labour Law Here – UAE Labour Law | Ministry of Labour

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