UAE 10th Best-Paying Country in the World – Survey

For many OFWs and expats looking for work and expanding their career track, the UAE is one of the best places to move into.

Interestingly, for those who work in specialized fields and professions, say, as a doctor, lawyer, or a pilot, the UAE maintains a competitive edge over other countries within the region or even other countries such as the USA or the UK.

UAE 10th Best-Paying Country in the World – Survey

Find Out How Much Jobs in the UAE are Paying

According to a global study by 1st Move International, aircraft pilots can earn up to 126 percent more by relocating from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates, while chefs see the biggest increase by moving to Saudi Arabia, according to the results of a new global study by international removals company 1st Move International.

The study revealed that pilots are paid an average of £60,052 ($74,240) in the UK, while their counterparts in the UAE are taking home an average of £136,314.70, a difference of 126.99 percent.

If working as a pilot in the UK doesn’t seem to be enough to support your lifestyle, try living in the UAE or in the Middle East as this could really boost your pay packet.

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Of note, the UAE was actually the best country in the study for a UK pilot to relocate to, with the biggest pay-increase for that role as per the report.

The study’s spokesperson also revealed, “The UAE was the 10th best-paying country overall, with an average overall salary of £44,897, compared to £31,947 for Saudi,” he added.

Within the UAE, doctors and lawyers were the next biggest job titles to benefit from relocation from Britain to the UAE, with potential increases of 86.38 percent and 69.58 percent respectively.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, it was chefs that received the biggest boost in the pay packet, with a potential increase of 80.98 percent, followed by cleaners and beauticians, with differences of 59 percent and 26.16 percent, respectively.

Globally, the biggest increases were found among quantity surveyors moving to New Zealand, with a massive 1187.42 percent difference, followed by pilots moving to China (327.64 percent) and doctors headed to the US (231.47 percent).

It’s quite interesting to see that the UAE is performing extremely well in terms of compensation packages in contrast to Western countries and in the rest of the world.

This, all the more, gives expats a reason to relocate in the country, on top of the permanent residency benefits offered by the country to those who create a positive impact to the economy all throughout their stay in the UAE.