IN PHOTOS: Tour of an Isolation Building for Coronavirus Patients in UAE

The Dubai Health Authority shares a video of an Isolation Building set up to house coronavirus patients to stabilize their health after being admitted in the ICU. In just 15 days, the Dubai government was able to set up 350 rooms to accommodate patients on their journey to recovery.

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Below is a video posted by the Dubai Health Authority to give viewers a tour of where coronavirus patients will be housed in:

Abdulla Abdulrazzaq Balouma, Director of General Services & Admin Affairs Department, gives us a tour on what went into making the building.

He shares that this there’s plenty of technicalities that went into setting up the building such as having proper air conditioning system so that the air inside and outside does not mix.

The building also has proper medical facilities that adhere to the highest standards alongside hand sanitizers, dedicated garbage bins for disposing contagious materials, and other effective infection control systems.

isolation building residence dubai

In terms of the facilities, the video showcases clean and spacious hallways, comfortable beds, entertainment options (plus coffee makers, phones, etc.).

The patients are also given 5 meals a day. If we may also remind you in a previous news, coronavirus patients in the UAE are treated FREE of charge even without insurance.

Having a virtual tour of the facility makes one feel quite safe, secure, and quite glad that we are in the UAE where the government is doing their best to provide for their citizens as well as residents and visitors. Thank you UAE!

dubai covid isolation building

a residential building – isolation facility

dubai isolation coronavirus building

lobby area

Dubai Health Authority Gives Us a Tour of an Isolation Facility Where COVID-19 Patients are Housed

Below is their caption from the video:

With the coronavirus, we face a lot of challenges. Today I will tell you what is the difference between isolation and quarantine.

Today we will talk about the isolation building, which is where patients from the hospitals come to stabilize once they are out of the ICU. 

isolation building uae


safety standards dubai isolation building

facility set up to adhere to highest standards

We will talk about the technicalities of the building as well as what went into preparing this building. Let’s have a look at the isolation rooms, let’s go.

It’s not only about finding the right building, we also need to ensure that the building adheres to the highest medical standards.

coronavirus dubai isolation building

inside one of the spacious rooms

restroom dubai isolation building


isolation room dubai coronavirus

rooms are equipped with entertainment facilities

For instance, the AC system – the air outside is considered as ‘positive’ and the air inside as ‘negative’ so that the air inside doesn’t mix with the air outside where the medical staff are.

It also has sanitizers and signages so that the nurses and medical staff are protected at all times.

aircondition positive negative ac system

AC system require to have a “positive-negative” system

automatic hand sanitizers isolation building

automatic hand sanitizer

We also have entertainment options like TV, coffee makers, phones, and other amenities to make the patient feel right at home.

We also ensure that they are provided five meals a day to help build a strong immunity. The meals served are carefully chosen by Nutrition Management Team.

Getting the building ready with the required ‘positive-negative’ AC system requires a lot of work but we got the 350 rooms ready in just 15 days.

five meals a day dubai isolation

patients are fed 5 times a day

isolation facility dubai

rooms took time and effort to set up

We looked into the smallest details to ensure infection control. For example, this garbage bin is specially made for the disposal of contagious items and it remains isolated.

We have achieved 97% cleanliness by disinfecting and sanitizing the building to ensure that the place adheres to the highest standards so that the patients are offered the best through their course of recovery.

garbage bin for contagious materials
garbage bin for contagious materials

dubai isolation building

road to recovery

We take this opportunity to convey a message to all of you that preparing such a building does tale a lot of effort and time; since it does not just involve the DHA but requires the entire government infrastructure to be involved.

Some of us don’t even get to see our families for days so that these buildings are ready for patients. So we ask you to kindly stay home.


A lot of efforts has been really put into setting the infrastructure to house the patients in their journey to recovery. So we thank the UAE government in trying to provide the best standards and facilities for its residents, citizens and visitors.

Thank you to our heroes!