UAE Coronavirus Cases to be Treated FREE of Cost Even Without Insurance

In the event that you become a suspected or confirmed case of the novel coronavirus, don’t worry about hospitalization, because you will get the best treatment in the UAE. What’s more, your treatment will come free of charge, regardless of whether you have insurance coverage or not!

Through a circular issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), all DHA-licensed health facilities in Dubai are tasked to consider ALL 2019-nCoV (now COVID-19) cases in the UAE as emergencies, and provide treatment free of cost.

UAE Coronavirus Cases will be treated FREE of Costs even without Insurance

All Coronavirus Cases to be Treated as Emergencies

The circular, dated 30th January 2020, is addressed to all DHA-licensed health facilities in Dubai. They are directed to consider all 2019-nCoV patients (including suspected and confirmed ones) as emergency cases, and to classify them into two categories: those with insurance coverage, and those without insurance coverage.

Cases where insurance coverage is available will be treated as emergencies, and insurance companies must comply with any claims received. Likewise, cases without insurance coverage will also be treated as emergencies, and patients will not bear any payment for health care costs.

The circular was issued to ensure the health and safety of the entire community, provide suspected and confirmed cases with proper care, and help prevent the spread of the virus. Again, whether an 2019-nCoV patient has insurance coverage or not, he/she must be treated immediately free of cost, without being charged for any health care services they receive.

To view the circular from Dubai Health Authority, you may visit this link.

The DHA also mentioned on Twitter that currently, there is no specific treatment for novel coronavirus. Mostly, supportive treatment is given to reduce its symptoms.

Latest Update on 2019-nCoV in the UAE

Just recently, the MOHAP confirmed the eight case of 2019-nCoV in the country — an Indian national who had interacted with a recently diagnosed patient. The ministry assured that all novel coronavirus cases are properly contained, with patients receiving the best possible care.

While 2019-nCoV is highly infectious, authorities have found that most patients are likely to recover from the virus, as long as they have a good immune system. In fact, the UAE’s first novel coronavirus patient has already fully recovered, so we can expect more good news regarding other cases soon. There is no need to panic or worry excessively about it!

In addition, the MOHAP has repeatedly confirmed that they — in coordination with health authorities and other concerned agencies in the UAE — have been taking all the necessary precautions and establishing strong measures to address 2019-nCoV. They have also provided information and awareness instructions through their website and social media handles.

At times like these, when a widespread infection seems imminent, we can only hope for the best and strive to stay healthy by eating right, practicing good hygiene, and being properly informed. Here are some tips for avoiding the novel coronavirus, so that you can do your part in preventing the spread of 20190-nCoV and sharing correct information to your loved ones.