WATCH: Emirates Flight Attendant Gives her Mother a Mid-flight Birthday Surprise

An Emirates crew member is making waves on social media after posting a video of her birthday surprise for her mother who is on board the plane on her birthday.

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Netizens from all over the world loved what Instagram user @bashenka_h, also known as “Barbora” online, did to surprise her mother on her birthday.


VIRAL: Emirates Flight Attendant Surprises Her Mother on Birthday on the Plane

The video captioned: “The best surprise ever! When you surprise your parents and you are [a] stewardess on their flight to Beijing” shows Barbora walking on the plane aisle with drinks on her hands, which she eventually serves to her unknowing parents seated on the business class section of the plane.

As Barbora approached her parents’ seats, she couldn’t hide the smile on her face knowing the surprise she would meet on their faces.

True enough, upon recognizing her daughter, Barbora’s mother couldn’t hide her joy as her daughter greeted her a ‘happy birthday’ which moved both her parents to tears.

In a message Barbora posted on Instagram, she shared how grateful she is to have her mother. “Thanks for always beliving in me,” the message read.

Thank you for being such a kind, supportive and loving mother. I wish you all the happiness in the world because you deserve it,” she continued.

Barbora spent time together with her parents in Beijing, which she followed up with a family picture taken at the Great Wall.

As simple as a birthday greeting may be, our loved ones can feel how much meaning we put into a few words when expressed with sincerity and gratitude. Netizens were quick to appreciate the simple gesture by Barbora because it highlighted her love for her family, which in itself is a universal thing among human beings regardless of race or generation.

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