Mother who dumped newborn baby in trash bin sentenced to 6 months in jail  

There are several things that people are strictly prohibited from doing in places such as in the Middle East, and this includes having illegal affairs out of wedlock

And those who commit this grave act will most likely end up in jail, as in the case of two Filipinas and a Pakistani man who were each sentenced to jail terms by the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday (December 19) for throwing the body of a newborn baby in the trash.

woman dump newborn baby jail

Woman Sentence to 6 Months Jail for Having Illegal Affair and Throwing Newborn Baby in Garbage

According to the court report, one of the women, a 35-year-old unemployed, who had illicit sexual relations with unidentified men and later disposed of her illegitimate baby’s body with the help of a 50-year-old woman, was sentenced to six months in jail, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

The female accomplice, on the other hand, was sentenced to three months in jail for supporting and facilitating the disposing of and hiding the baby’s body. 

Meanwhile, the male defendant, 38, who dumped the body in the garbage, was also sentenced to three months in jail.

The two women were each given an additional one-month imprisonment for overstaying their visas.

Officials determined that all three defendants were found guilty of failing to report a crime to competent authorities.

For her part, the convicted mother pleaded not guilty to the charge of hiding the body when she appeared in court, claiming she passed out after the baby was born.

The incident reportedly took place on June 18 and was reported at the Bur Dubai police station. 

The co-defendants were apprehended on June 23.

The police officer who interrogated the defendants, shared: “The main accused confessed she had conceived the baby out of an illicit sexual relationship with an unidentified man. She got the help of two women in giving birth in her room in Al Satwa. Her accomplices helped her get rid of the baby, who was born dead, as they claimed, by throwing it in the rubbish.

Meanwhile, the other woman admitted to the police she cleaned the body and then gave it to the man to dispose of it.

And for his part, the man confessed to the police he got the body from the second woman who had cleaned it and put it in a bag with clothes. He drove it on his delivery bike to Deira where he got rid of it in a large bin.

During the public prosecution investigation, the main defendant confessed she got pregnant after having illicit sex with two men. She delivered the baby in her room with the help of two women. She claimed that her pregnancy resulted in a stillbirth and her accomplices helped her dispose of it. The woman accomplice cleaned the body and put it in a bag which she gave to the Pakistani man.

After the primary defendant admitted to the crime, all three accused were placed in detention. All three convicted will be deported after completing their jail terms as per the court order.

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