Woman Offers AED 10 Massage, Attacks and Robs Man of AED 37,000

The UAE may be a place with plenty of opportunities, but not everyone who come here earn a living by means of having a decent job. There are still others who make a living off other people’s troubles or problems – such as thieves, and online scammers.

Most of the time, these illegal activities cannot be recognized upfront because criminals use ploys and techniques to guise themselves as people who can be trusted or those simply offering their services for a living.

Woman Offers AED 10 Massage, Attacks and Robs Man of AED 37,000

Female Expat in UAE Sent to Prison for Prostitution, Theft Charges

Such is the case of a prostitute, who robbed a Tajik man of AED 5,400 and USD 8,800 (around AED 32,300), who was sentenced to six months in jail by a Dubai court on Tuesday, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

As per the  public prosecution records, the 26-year-old Ugandan woman, together with three runaway accomplices, lured the complainant into their flat after meeting him on a street in Naif area.

Upon reaching their flat, the three women restrained the man, robbed him of the cash, and took off.

The Court of First Instance sentenced the woman guilty of robbery and working in prostitution, and ordered that she be deported after serving her time in jail. She and the complainant were also referred to the Court of Misdemeanours for having illicit sex, which is a punishable crime in the UAE.

The complainant, a 29-year-old man on a visit visa, explained that he went to Naif to purchase some electronics products on sale.

According to the man’s statement, the shop owner told him to wait for two hours, until the product was available. He then decided to walk around when the defendant approached him, offering a massage.

The man decided to go with the woman and paid her AED 10. The man shared that the woman brought him inside a flat and told him to take off his clothes, but he claimed to push her away.

The man also recalled that two other African women suddenly came out from behind the curtains and attacked him.

He claimed that they pushed him onto the bed and restrained him, while one of them took all the cash in his pockets. Afterwards, they all fled the place and the man had to chase them. He managed to catch the defendant with the help of some passers-by.

The complainant also claimed that he spotted the woman handing the stolen cash to a male accomplice. The police apprehended him later and found the money.

Both the man and the woman were referred to the general directorate of criminal evidence and forensics to establish whether they had a sexual relation. Meanwhile, a forensic report showed that the man had minor bruises.

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