RTA Announces Launch of New WhatsApp Service

With businesses adopting digital platforms, entities are moving towards digital services despite the risks that come along with them, in favour of the accessibility and convenience they bring. Interestingly, what started as tools for personal use and communication are now also being developed to cater to businesses and even government entities.

It’s interesting to find out that services are continuously being developed in terms of security and accessibility to benefit a larger audience or population that will have use for a certain product or service.

RTA Announces Launch of New WhatsApp Service
Credits: RTA

RTA Soon to Introduce New WhatsApp Customer Support Service

In line with this, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Tuesday announced the launch of a WhatsApp service.

Through this service, the public would be able to communicate with the authority on the payment of fines.

Based on the video shared by the RTA on its official Twitter account, the authority explained that users can get all the information they need on fines through WhatsApp straight from their smartphones.

In the video, a customer can be seen sending a WhatsApp message to the RTA, inquiring about fine payment, and the RTA can be seen typing a response.

Through this new system, customers are expected to have better access to services offered by the RTA, particularly regarding enquiries and information sharing related to fines and regulations set by the authority.

The RTA also shares this information which can be accessed from their official website, but if you do not have the time to go online to check this information on your own, a representative through the WhatsApp service can pull up this information for you and direct you as to how you will proceed in paying your fines or dealing with your concerns related to traffic and road activities.

And just like how it works on the website, you will still need to review your fines, and then confirm before you pay any of the amount given.

This is to ensure that everything still goes through you, and that you will not be tricked by scammers or any individual who can use any of the information provided to the system.

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