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RTA, Careem Introduce New Ride-hailing Brand ‘Hala’

In a city where innovative ventures abound, the creation of new brands and systems is no longer a matter of “how” but “when”. This has been the goal of many budding entrepreneurs and tech developers in the region to this day.

Of course, the development of new systems and measures does not just happen overnight and without a significant demand for a solution among target consumers. The goal every time a new solution comes in, is to correct or surpass its predecessor or to establish a new norm or system for those who will benefit from it.

RTA and Careem’s  Joint Venture, ‘Hala’ Unveiled in Dubai

In relation to this, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, and Careem have announced the launch of their taxi e-hailing service in Dubai under a joint venture, JV, called, ‘Hala’, which will officially offer its services to customers starting September of this year.

After going on pilot (test) mode since May, the Hala RTA Taxi, which is expected to offer significantly lower waiting times by as short as 3 minutes, will go fully operational in September, and will have roughly 4,000 taxis on its fleet.

In line with this, Careem shared that it’s targeting an average of three minutes waiting time from September onwards, which would mark a 50 percent reduction in waiting time from the pilot, which currently stands at about 4.5 minutes ETA per booking. That also represents a significant drop from the average waiting time of 12 to 14 minutes for non-Hala bookings.

According to Mattar Al Tayer, director general and chairman of the RTA, “Launching Hala aims to improve and enhance the taxi sector in Dubai and increase efficiency, ease the finding of a taxi by booking through the app, and lower the estimated time of arrival. In addition, it gives the customer special advantages such as e-payment via the app, knowing trip route and being able to share trip with others, seeing the car and driver information, and ability to rate the service and driver.”

Such measures aim to mobilize commuters in the city, and to expedite activities related to businesses and social functions.

In other related news, the RTA has announced a new WhatsApp service for residents to get more information on parking fines and other services, as well as the establishment of a new smart driving facility to accommodate residents learning how to drive in the city who are taking driving tests to gain licenses.

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