Two Women Go On Trial for Getting Pregnant Out of Wedlock

Two women, an Ethiopian and a Filipino, have gone on trial after getting pregnant out of wedlock. Both of them are residents of Abu Dhabi, and they are being tried separately.

In the UAE, sex outside marriage is illegal, in accordance with Sharia law. Hence, after receiving information that the two women got pregnant — despite not being married — Abu Dhabi Police had them arrested and conducted investigations.

Getting pregnant out of wedlock is a big deal in the UAE.

Women Charged for Getting Pregnant through Illicit Affairs

Upon confirming that the women got pregnant out of wedlock, the police referred them to the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance. During the trial, prosecutors charged them with “getting pregnant through illicit affairs.”

“I Didn’t Have an Illicit Affair”
During her interview with the prosecution, the Ethiopian woman admitted to the charge. However, she denied the charge in court and explained to the judge that she is a divorcee. Her ex-husband, who is back home in Ethiopia, got her pregnant before they separated.

“I didn’t have an illicit affair with anyone,” she insisted. In response, the judge instructed her to appoint a lawyer, who would represent her in upcoming hearings. Notably, the woman also brought her baby to the court with her.

“Got Pregnant after Having Sex”
Meanwhile, the Filipino woman admitted to the charge of getting pregnant through an illicit relationship. “I am not married,” she stated before the judge. “I got pregnant after having sex with my boyfriend.” The woman also happens to be a Muslim.

The trials of the two women have been adjourned until October 9. Future hearings will continue to hear and assess their cases.

There are rules for couples who are living together in the country.

The case of these two women comes as a timely reminder for all other expats. Let us keep in mind that there are guidelines on couples living together in this country. In addition, let us heed these safety reminders for Filipinos in the UAE, as shared by Dubai Police.

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