How to Apply for Electricity & Water Services in Dubai

One of the most important things to consider upon arriving in Dubai is your place of residence — be it a house or an apartment. Either way, you also have to make sure that your residence has access to basic household utilities, such as adequate electricity and water services.

These services are handled by the Dubai Electricity and Water Services (DEWA). This is the agency that will activate as well as monitor your household’s electricity and water usage. Keep in mind that since January 2018, these services are subject to 5 percent value-added tax (VAT).

Moving into a new apartment involves applying for basic utilities.

Guide to Applying for Electricity & Water Services

When you move into a new place in Dubai, you need to apply for the “activation” of electricity and water. Hence, you will have to prepare the necessary fees and requirements, as follows:

Activation Charges:

  • AED 100 – Connecting Electricity & Water (Small Meters)
  • AED 300 – Connecting Electricity & Water (Large Meters)
  • AED 10 – Registration Fee
  • AED 10 – Knowledge Fee
  • AED 10 – Innovation Fee

NOTE: VAT may be charged, if applicable.

Security Deposit:

  • AED 2,000 – Residential Flat
  • AED 4,000 – Residential Villa

Two Ways of Applying for Electricity & Water
To activate electricity and water services in Dubai, you may either apply online or go personally to the nearest Customer Happiness Centre / Customer Care Centre. For online applications, you will need to register and create an account with DEWA first.

Online Application:

#1 – Fill up the online application form. Input the required fields based on your:

  • Emirates ID
  • EJARI – valid for at least one month (For Tenants)
  • Title Deed (For Owners)
  • Trade License (For Commercial & Industrial Customers)
  • Passport Copy (For GCC Nationals / Investors)

#2 – Wait for activation within 24 hours of registration and payment of Security Deposit.

Offline Application:

#1 – Go to the nearest Customer Happiness Centre or Customer Care Centre.

#2 – Fill up the application form for DEWA Services. You will need to provide your Ejari Number.

#3 – Pay the Security Deposit at the Payment Counter.

#4 – Wait for activation within 24 hours of registration.

DISCLAIMER: Please be reminded that the above details are for information-sharing purposes only. To know the latest requirements and procedure in applying for electricity and water services, kindly visit the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority website.

Based on this information, activating the electricity and water services in your new home should be a breeze! On the other hand, what should you do if you decide to transfer to another place? In this case, read about DEWA’s “Move To” Service for customers who plan to relocate.