27 Best Iranian Restaurants in Dubai

Iranian cuisine is a tapestry of flavors and traditions that have been woven together over centuries, creating a culinary experience like no other. Did you know that Iranian cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, with a history dating back to ancient Persia? As we take a close look at the Best Iranian Restaurants in Dubai, we’ll take you on a delectable journey through the rich and diverse flavors of Iran, offering a taste of the extraordinary dishes that await you at these establishments.

Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or a curious newcomer, get ready to savor the unique and enticing world of Iranian gastronomy right here in Dubai! You’ll be spoilt for excellent choices including Freej Albastakia Restaurant, Al Ustad Kabab, and Anar Restaurant, just to name a few. So, be sure to read until the end to learn more!

27 Best Iranian Restaurants in Dubai
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As the Silk Road meandered through the ages, and great empires waxed and waned, Iranian cuisine evolved in harmony with its neighboring regions while also bestowing the world with its gastronomic treasures, including the renowned pomegranate.

Positioned at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Middle East and South Asia, Iran’s culinary landscape is a tapestry of flavors and ingredients, spanning from succulent lamb stews to the crispy delights of samosas.

However, it’s essential to note that Iranian cuisine isn’t solely defined by the Persian ethnic group; it encompasses a rich diversity of influences, including Azerbaijani and Kurdish flavors, all of which contribute to its mouthwatering tapestry.

Amid this culinary diversity, certain characteristics prevail: main dishes that artfully combine rice or bread with an array of ingredients like meat, vegetables, beans, nuts, and fruits; a distinct and enticing sourness achieved through elements like citrus, sumac, and sour grape juice; a vivid palette of colors obtained from the use of aromatic herbs, spices, and fruits; and a tantalizing aroma that emerges from the harmonious blend of flowers, herbs, spices, and fruits.

It’s these unique qualities that make Iranian cuisine a captivating journey through the senses.

1. Hatam

Address: Unit SF – 130 – 36 – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143399000
Google Map Location:

Hatam in Dubai offers an exceptional experience of Iranian cuisine.

Visitors praise its authentic and delicious dishes, including tabbouleh, chicken rice, and cucumber-mint yogurt, all served with homemade bread.

The restaurant’s standout lemon sweet tea adds to the delightful culinary journey.

The welcoming atmosphere and friendly service leave a lasting impression, making it a must-visit for those seeking genuine Persian flavors.

While some may find it a bit pricier, it’s a testament to the high-quality, non-fast food experience it delivers, proving that great food often comes with a worthwhile investment.

2. Sofreh

Address: sofreh kitchen and grill, Jumeirah Bay X1 Tower – Dubai Cluster X – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97148786516
Google Map Location:

Sofreh, hailed as one of the top destinations in the UAE for authentic Iranian cuisine, offers a delightful culinary experience in Dubai.

Visitors rave about its consistently delicious and appetizing Iranian dishes.

The reviewer found the portions so generous that they had to take some home.

The staff’s warm and accommodating service enhances the dining experience, complemented by the scenic Jumeirah Lakes Towers view and a refreshing breeze.

From tantalizing starters to perfectly grilled and marinated main courses, Sofreh leaves a lasting impression.

A Persian tea brings the meal to a satisfying close.

Diners can customize their meat preferences, ensuring a perfect meal every time.

Sofreh is a must-visit for those seeking the flavors of Iran in Dubai.

3. Iran Zamin Restaurant & Café

Address: Iris Blue – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97144329661
Google Map Location:

Iran Zamin Restaurant & Cafe in Dubai is a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Iranian culinary experience.

Their Dizi, a lamb stew, is a standout dish, boasting exceptionally tender meat.

The attentive staff guides newcomers on how to properly enjoy it, as it transitions from a hearty soup to a flavorful pot roast with vegetables.

The restaurant’s treasure is its Sangak bread Tandoor, which consistently provides fresh Sesame-covered Sangak for all dishes.

For Iranians and Middle Eastern patrons, the traditional Persian breakfast is a delight, featuring omelet, cheese, honey, and chai nabat, all at a reasonable price.

This establishment truly embodies the essence of Iranian cuisine in Dubai.

4. Freej Albastakia Restaurant

Address: 5722+F86 – Al Asayel St – Al Quoz – Al Quoz 4 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +971568784477
Google Map Location:

Freej Albastakia Restaurant in Dubai stands out as a premier destination for experiencing exquisite Iranian cuisine.

Visitors are treated to impeccable dishes that have left a lasting impression on patrons.

The highlight is undoubtedly the delectable beef kebab, a culinary masterpiece that consistently garners praise.

The restaurant’s commitment to delivering consistently delicious food has earned it a reputation as one of Dubai’s top dining establishments.

For those seeking an exceptional gastronomic journey in Dubai, Freej Albastakia Restaurant is a trusted choice, where every bite is a testament to culinary excellence.

5. Kababi Restaurant

Address: 4664+PH9 – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143851155
Google Map Location:

Kababi Restaurant in Al Barsha, Dubai, is a culinary gem that offers an outstanding experience of Iranian cuisine.

Guests are welcomed with warmth and a cozy ambiance, setting the stage for an unforgettable meal.

The kebabs are a highlight, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. The menu offers a variety of tantalizing options, each a celebration of authentic spices and tastes.

The attentive and knowledgeable staff enhance the experience, ensuring every detail is just right.

The presentation is artful, and the desserts are a sweet delight.

Whether you’re a Middle Eastern cuisine enthusiast or seeking a memorable dining experience, Kababi Restaurant is a five-star must-visit in Al Barsha.

6. Golestan Restaurant

Address: Sheikh Rashid Rd – Garhoud – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: 04 282 8007
Google Map Location:

Golestan Restaurant in Dubai offers a unique experience of Iranian cuisine that pleasantly surprises its patrons.

Initially mistaken for a Shisha cafe due to the popularity of shishtawk, it soon becomes evident that it is a full-fledged restaurant.

The reasonably priced lunch menu provides an enticing reason to visit.

During a visit on Eid Holiday, the food received high praise for being perfectly cooked and delicious.

The restaurant’s attention to detail in decor adds to its appeal, making it suitable for families.

With its excellent location and great value for money, Golestan Restaurant comes highly recommended for those seeking an authentic taste of Iran in Dubai.

7. Al Ustad kabab

Address: Metro Station – Al Mussallah Rd – near Al Fahidi – Al Hamriya – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143971933
Google Map Location:

Al Ustad Kabab in Dubai is a hidden gem for food enthusiasts seeking an authentic Iranian culinary experience.

This unassuming family-run establishment is renowned for its pocket-friendly yet exceptional Iranian cuisine.

The walls adorned with celebrity photos attest to its popularity. With separate seating sections and a dedicated family room, it caters to diverse visitors.

Al Ustad’s menu is focused, with a standout selection of kebabs, particularly the chicken and mutton varieties, known for their rich aroma and flavor.

While service is straightforward, the emphasis is on delectable kebabs.

For a no-frills culinary adventure, Al Ustad Kabab is a must-visit in Dubai.

Recommended dishes include the Mix Grill Platter for Two, Mix Kebab, and Saffron Rice.

8. Grand Abshar Restaurant & Sweets

Address: 24 12A St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143940950
Google Map Location:

Grand Abshar Restaurant & Sweets in Dubai offers a serene and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal destination for experiencing authentic Iranian cuisine.

During a late Friday night visit, the restaurant provided a peaceful atmosphere with soft music and attentive staff.

The Chelo Kabab plate, a standout dish, delighted the palate with its mouthwatering flavors and freshness.

The decor and comfortable seating create an excellent setting for intimate gatherings. Notably, the mixed grill showcased top-quality meat that remained tender even as it cooled.

While desserts leaned towards sweetness, the Iranian falooda with ice cream is a must-try.

Recommended dishes include Carrot, Fresh Fruit Salad, Iranian Sesame Bread, Mix Grill, Basil Mint Walnut and Feta Plate, French Fries, Mutabel, and Zolbiya with Black Seeds.

Grand Abshar Restaurant & Sweets promises a delightful culinary experience with superb customer service in Dubai.

9. Shayan Restaurant

Address: Al Ghurair Centre – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97142933270
Google Map Location:

Shayan Restaurant in Dubai offers an exceptional Iranian dining experience.

Their enticing set menu showcases a variety of Iranian dishes, impressing diners with impeccable taste, quality, generous portions, and artful presentation.

Nestled in a cozy and tastefully decorated ambiance, the restaurant exudes a welcoming atmosphere, complemented by attentive staff.

While prices lean towards fine dining, it’s justified within the confines of a 5-star hotel.

With its spacious seating, Shayan accommodates large groups comfortably.

The only wishes are for dimmer lighting and a license.

Highlights include the delectable eggplant with eggs and tomato sauce appetizer and the star of the show – a 1-meter kebab, a must-try at a reasonable AED260. Shayan Restaurant comes highly recommended for those seeking an authentic Iranian culinary adventure in Dubai.

10. Greens N Grills

Address: Greens N Grills restaurant – Shop 1 – Nadd Al Hamar – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97148886886
Google Map Location:

Greens N Grills in Dubai offers an exceptional experience of Iranian cuisine.

Despite its discreet location, it offers affordability without compromising on quality.

Customers praise the succulent and flavorful meat dishes, and the unique hot and sour soup.

The restaurant stands out for its friendly staff and modern, green-themed interiors.

It caters to health-conscious diners with a menu focused on balanced eating alongside traditional Iranian grills.

The Caesar salad is fresh and delightful, while the meat kababs, including a special meat kabab, are tender and marinated to perfection.

The Lime Coriander fish is moist and flavorful.

Desserts like the banana split are a sweet conclusion to a great meal.

The attentive service and pleasant ambiance make Greens N Grills a must-visit spot for those seeking a blend of healthy and delicious Iranian cuisine in Dubai.

11. Anar

Address: United Arab Emirates – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143686505
Google Map Location:

Anar offers an exceptional Iranian dining experience in Dubai, standing out as a go-to spot for Persian cuisine in the UAE.

Known for its succulent dishes, the saffron boneless chicken and ground beef kebabs are particularly noteworthy, with flavors that melt in your mouth.

While he prices are slightly higher due to the location, the average-sized portions are delicious, and the emphasis on rice moderation is appreciated.

Anar’s unique touch with pomegranate-infused dishes and captivating murals on its walls make it a must-visit in the souk.

12. Special Kabab

Address: 67RG+WGC – Al Mina St – Al Hudaiba – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143987164
Google Map Location:

Special Kabab in Dubai stands out as an exceptional destination for experiencing authentic Iranian cuisine.

This hidden gem has garnered acclaim for its delectable food and outstanding service.

Diners consistently praise the friendly and attentive waitstaff, creating a welcoming atmosphere from start to finish.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu with a plethora of mouthwatering options, all prepared to perfection.

What sets Special Kabab apart is its generous portions at reasonable prices, ensuring that patrons receive both quality and quantity.

Unlike pricier alternatives that serve smaller portions, this establishment offers an excellent value for money. For an unforgettable Iranian culinary experience in Dubai, Special Kabab is a must-visit.

13. Shabestan Restaurant

Address: Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek – Baniyas Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97142227171
Google Map Location:

Shabestan Restaurant stands as one of the finest Persian dining establishments in the UAE, particularly renowned in Dubai.

Its distinction lies in its masterful use of spices, a hallmark of Persian cuisine, delivering a symphony of flavors and captivating aromas.

The restaurant’s enchanting ambiance, accompanied by energizing live music, ensures a memorable dining experience.

Shabestan’s menu seamlessly blends original and traditional Iranian flavors, offering authentic Persian dishes that are truly irresistible.

With exceptional service and mouthwatering cuisine, it’s no wonder it’s hailed as the best Persian restaurant in Dubai, making it a must-visit for connoisseurs of Persian gastronomy.

14. Noon & Kabab

Address: Unit SF – 130 – 05 – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97180052222
Google Map Location:

Noon & Kabab in Dubai Mall stands out as a reliable choice for those seeking authentic Iranian cuisine.

Despite its unassuming location in a food court, its consistent quality and generous portions make it a go-to kebab destination.

While not all dishes may suit every palate, the majority of the menu delights customers with its flavorful Iranian offerings.

Following a recent renovation, the branch now combines excellent food with friendly and customer-oriented service, with Mr. Azeem at the helm.

Recommended dishes include Chicken Kubideh, Mix Kebab, and Rice, making Noon & Kabab a reliable and satisfying choice for Iranian cuisine enthusiasts in Dubai.

15. Enigma

Address: Al Jaddaf – Jaddaf Waterfront – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97145568830
Google Map Location:

Enigma in Dubai is a luxurious and highly recommended destination for experiencing exquisite Iranian cuisine.

Visitors praise the restaurant for its delectable food, particularly the tender beef options infused with secret ingredients and spices.

Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic evening or a family looking for a delightful dining experience, Enigma caters to all.

The friendly and hospitable staff, especially Alaa, enhance the dining experience.

Don’t miss the unique presentation of ice cream prepared tableside.

With a picturesque Marina view, Enigma is known for its delicious kebab platter and saffron ice cream, making it a top choice for an exceptional Iranian culinary journey in Dubai.

16. Khatoon Restaurant

Address: 5CQ5+8P – Al Warqa – Al Warqa 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +971600543339
Google Map Location:

Khatoon Restaurant is a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional Iranian culinary experience in Dubai.

Renowned for its delicious kebabs and top-notch service, it stands out as a home to some of the city’s finest Persian cuisine.

With a reputation built over years at its Mirdif branch, the recent opening in Al Warqa brings their delectable offerings closer to even more food enthusiasts.

Notably, their raw BBQ boxes simplify desert grilling, offering a unique and convenient dining experience.

For an authentic taste of Iranian cuisine and unparalleled service, Khatoon Restaurant is the go-to destination in Dubai.

17. Caspian

Address: Al Rolla Rd – Al Raffa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143559997
Google Map Location:

Caspian in Dubai stands out as the go-to destination for authentic Iranian cuisine.

Praised for its exceptional quality and reasonable prices, Caspian consistently earns rave reviews from visitors.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu, with highlights including a tantalizing grilled meat plate for two, featuring an assortment of meats seasoned to perfection.

Their shawarma is not only delicious but also incredibly affordable.

Diners can also savor fried shrimps and a delectable deck of meat for one.

Notably, the chicken with curry-like spices and lamb meat are must-tries.

Caspian’s generosity shines through with complimentary water, bread, and vegetable snacks, along with the option to order buttermilk and tea.

The Bulgarian kebab, a blend of meat and chicken mince, is a standout dish, noted for its succulence and rich flavor.

It’s a place where great value and exceptional cuisine converge, making it a must-visit for those seeking an unforgettable Iranian culinary journey in Dubai.

18. Toranj Restaurant

Address: Hessa St – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +971502401020
Google Map Location:

Toranj Restaurant in Dubai is a top choice for experiencing authentic Iranian cuisine, praised by satisfied diners for its exceptional quality and taste.

This hidden gem comes highly recommended, with patrons raving about their meticulously prepared and delicious dishes.

From kofta to ghormeh sabzi stew, and kabab koobideh, every item on the menu delights the taste buds.

The mixed kebab, barley soup, and salad, along with joojeh kabab boneless, are standout choices.

Toranj’s commitment to freshness and flavor makes it a must-visit for anyone craving Persian food in Dubai.

19. Farsi Restaurant

Address: Shop#2, Al Waleed Paradise Bldg, Sheikh Zayed Road JLT Cluster R – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97144503532
Google Map Location:

Farsi Restaurant in Dubai stands out as a premier destination for experiencing authentic Iranian cuisine.

Visitors rave about their exceptional dining experiences, with repeat visits being a common occurrence.

The restaurant offers top-quality Persian cuisine, with the Negnini kebab being a must-try highlight.

Despite the restaurant’s impressive food and warm ambiance, it’s often surprisingly less crowded, possibly due to timing.

The welcoming staff creates a cozy atmosphere, and the extensive menu offers a wide array of delightful dishes.

The signature dish is a particular standout, impressing with its flavors and presentation.

Beyond the delicious food, Farsi Restaurant excels in customer service, with attentive and knowledgeable waitstaff ensuring a memorable dining experience marked by meticulous attention to detail.

20. Pars Iranian Restaurant

Address: Shop no. 19 & 20, Ground Floor, Wilson Building 2nd of December Street – Al Dhiyafa Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +9718004069
Google Map Location:

Pars Iranian Restaurant in Dubai is a standout destination for experiencing the rich flavors of Iranian cuisine.

Renowned for its exceptional dishes, such as the tantalizing Kebab Torsh and Lari Kebab, this restaurant goes above and beyond with complimentary servings of delectable stew, tahchin, and salad – all generously portioned and bursting with flavor.

The impeccable service, characterized by attentive and courteous staff, adds to the dining experience’s allure.

With an extensive menu offering a diverse array of Persian delicacies, patrons can savor an unforgettable meal in an inviting ambiance adorned with captivating decor and hand-made Persian carpets.

This establishment truly sets the bar high for Persian dining in Dubai.

21. Hatam Restaurant

Address: Al Ittihad Rd – Port Saeed – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97142955155
Google Map Location:

Hatam Restaurant in Dubai stands out as a top choice for experiencing authentic Iranian cuisine.

Renowned for its diverse selection of rice dishes and kebabs, it offers a culinary journey that’s worth the slightly higher price tag.

Guests rave about the exceptional food quality and taste, emphasizing the extensive array of dishes, from various rice options to flavorful mutton and BBQ specialties, complemented by a wide range of fresh salads.

The restaurant’s clean and inviting atmosphere, coupled with friendly staff, adds to the overall appeal.

With enthusiastic recommendations and exceptional service, Hatam Restaurant is a must-visit for those seeking genuine Persian flavors in Dubai.

22. Sadaf

Address: Riqqa Al Buteen Plaza – Opp. Concord Hotel Bldg – Al Maktoum Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97142221622
Google Map Location:


Sadaf stands out as a prime destination for savoring authentic Iranian cuisine in Dubai.

It’s known for its warm hospitality, delectable dishes, and a welcoming atmosphere that invites gatherings with loved ones.

Guests appreciate the affordability without compromising on quality, alongside the attentive and friendly staff.

The restaurant’s ambiance exudes the charm of a Persian home, creating a cozy dining experience.

Diners rave about the succulent, tender meats and flavorful kofta, complemented by hot, fresh bread.

With an extensive menu, Sadaf offers a diverse range of Persian delights.

In sum, it’s a highly recommended choice for those seeking the best in Persian cuisine.

23. Alvand Restaurant

Address: 98 Cairo St – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97142726523
Google Map Location:

Alvand Restaurant in Dubai stands out as a hidden gem for Iranian cuisine enthusiasts.

Despite being relatively underrated, it consistently serves some of the finest Iranian kebabs in the city.

Regularly frequented by a loyal group of friends, it has become a cherished dining spot.

The exceptional staff, particularly Ahmed, adds to the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Guests rave about the authentic and home-cooked feel of the dishes, providing a genuine taste of Iranian cuisine.

The restaurant’s location near Mamzar beach is a plus, and dishes like the Special Mix Kebab and Meat Biryani come highly recommended, making Alvand a must-visit for a genuine Iranian culinary experience in Dubai.

24. Coochini Restaurant & Bar

Address: 16 Al Maktoum Rd – Deira – Riggat Al Buteen – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97142951757
Google Map Location:

Coochini Restaurant & Bar in Dubai offers an exceptional experience of Iranian cuisine.

Their generous portion sizes and complimentary items enhance the dining experience.

With a pleasant ambiance and live Persian and Arabic music performances, it creates a lively atmosphere.

The menu boasts tasty Persian and international dishes at affordable prices, served by friendly and efficient waitstaff.

Whether for breakfast or a night out, Coochini impresses with its incredible Persian food.

Known citywide for its authenticity and top-quality offerings, it’s a must-visit destination frequented by both locals and visitors alike, promising an unforgettable dining experience in Dubai.

25. Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge – Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

Address: R68H+GPM – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97148096213
Google Map Location:

Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge in Dubai offers an exceptional experience of Iranian cuisine in a captivating setting.

With an amazing ambience and delectable food, it’s a perfect choice for a memorable evening.

Live music adds to the vibrant atmosphere, and hookah enthusiasts will appreciate the option.

Located within a resort, the best time to visit is before sunset, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking views.

Note that there’s a minimum spend for non-resort guests. It’s an ideal spot for a weekend getaway with friends, offering a combination of delightful drinks, traditional Arabic platters, and friendly service, making it a must-visit destination.

26. Abshar Iranian Sweets

Address: 547 Jumeirah St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +971547052474
Google Map Location:

Abshar Iranian Sweets in Dubai is a cherished gem for those seeking an authentic Persian culinary experience.

Frequented by loyal patrons who dine there regularly, it has become a beloved weekend tradition.

The restaurant’s standout dishes, including the delectable keshk bathenjan and mouthwatering kobida with rice, have garnered a loyal following.

Nestled near the Miraj Islamic Art Centre, Abshar offers a delectable taste of Persian cuisine, with patrons praising the perfectly cooked salads, flavorful soups, and succulent chicken dishes.

27. Iranian Club (Parsian) Restaurant

Address: Iranian Club-Dubai – D81 Oud Metha Rd – Oud Metha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Contact number: +97143352002
Google Map Location:

Iranian Club (Parsian) Restaurant in Dubai stands out as a top destination for experiencing authentic Iranian cuisine.

This family-friendly establishment offers a welcoming atmosphere with high chairs and a playground for children, making it ideal for families.

It’s also well-equipped with baby change tables in both restrooms.

The restaurant’s spacious layout is perfect for gatherings and functions.

Renowned for their delectable kebabs, it’s a hidden gem that keeps patrons coming back.

Additionally, it’s considerate of Islamic values, providing head scarves for ladies.

With reasonable prices and a vast food hall offering garden views, it’s undeniably one of Dubai’s best Iranian restaurants, even if the lunch buffet is now limited to Fridays.

Must-Try Iranian Dishes

27 Best Iranian Restaurants in Dubai

  1. Fesenjan: This original Iranian stew combines ground walnut kernels, pomegranate paste, and either chicken or red meat. The result is a unique blend of nutty, sweet, and savory flavors that pairs perfectly with rice. It has a rich history dating back to ancient Persia and can be adapted with various ingredients to suit different regions.
  2. Ghorme Sabzi: A national dish of Iran, Ghorme Sabzi is a vegetable stew made with red beans, lamb, and a mix of greens like fenugreek, parsley, and coriander. The stew has a delightful sourness, achieved by adding dried Omani lemon or fresh lemon juice. It’s a flavorful and nutritious choice commonly served with rice.
  3. Albalo Polo: Cherries are a beloved summer fruit in Iran, and they find their way into cuisine in dishes like Albalo Polo. This sweet and sour rice dish combines cherries with rice, creating a vibrant and colorful presentation. It’s often prepared for special occasions and celebrations.
  4. Khoresh Aloo: Plum stew, or Khoresh Aloo, offers a delightful blend of red meat, plums, beans, onions, and spices. The result is a hearty and flavorful dish that warms the soul, especially during the winter months.
  5. Morasa Polo: This dish is a visual and culinary masterpiece, featuring rice adorned with an array of nuts and fruits like pistachios, almonds, sweet orange peel, barberries, carrots, and saffron. It’s a sweet and delightful Persian food often served on special occasions.
  6. Kebab: Iran’s national food, Kebab comes in various forms, from minced meat to chicken and lamb pieces. Served with saffron rice, butter, sumac, and fresh vegetables, Kebab is a beloved and flavorful option enjoyed by many.
  7. Tahdig: While not a main dish, Tahdig is a cherished part of Persian cuisine. It’s the crispy, golden layer of rice that forms at the bottom of the pot and is a delightful combination of popcorn and potato chip flavors. It’s a must-try side dish or snack in Iran.
  8. Dizi: Dizi Sangi is a traditional Iranian stew made with meat, onions, peas, potatoes, tails, and tomatoes. It’s a unique experience as the broth is first mixed with pieces of bread, and then the rest of the ingredients are mashed together and served with bread, onions, pickles, and vegetables.
  9. Gheime: A popular Iranian stew, Gheime features tomato paste, fried onions, chickpeas, and your choice of red or white meat. Dried lemon or plum adds a unique flavor, and it’s often served with pilaf.
  10. Tahchin: This dish combines saffron rice with various meats, commonly chicken, yogurt, eggs, and plenty of saffron. Its appealing appearance makes it a favorite for parties and gatherings. Regional variations include duck and goose Tahchin, which incorporate coconut paste and plum paste for a distinctive taste.

Exploring these must-try Iranian dishes will take your taste buds on a journey through the rich and diverse flavors of Iranian cuisine, showcasing the unique blend of ingredients and traditions that make it a culinary treasure.

What to Expect from Iranian Dishes for First Timers

Exploring Iranian cuisine for the first time can be a delightful adventure for your taste buds.

With its rich history, diverse flavors, and unique ingredients, Iranian dishes offer a culinary experience like no other.

  1. A Balance of Flavors: Iranian cuisine is known for its balance of sweet and savory flavors. You can expect dishes that incorporate a harmonious blend of ingredients such as pomegranate, dried fruits, and aromatic herbs like saffron and fenugreek. The use of sour elements like dried limes or pomegranate paste is common and adds a unique tang to many dishes.
  2. Rice as a Staple: Rice is a fundamental component of Iranian meals. It’s often served as fluffy, saffron-infused grains that complement the main dish. Don’t be surprised if you see various types of rice, each with its own distinct flavor and texture, like Tahdig, the coveted crispy rice crust at the bottom of the pot.
  3. Kebabs Galore: Kebabs are a cornerstone of Iranian cuisine. You’ll find a variety of kebabs, including minced meat (koobideh), chicken (joojeh), and lamb or beef (kabob barg and chelow kebab). These are typically served with fragrant rice, grilled tomatoes, and sumac.
  4. Stews and Khoresh: Iranian stews, known as “khoresh,” are a must-try. Ghorme Sabzi, a herb and bean stew, and Fesenjan, a walnut and pomegranate stew, are popular options. These dishes are hearty, flavorful, and often served with white rice.
  5. Delightful Side Dishes: Iranian meals often come with an array of side dishes like fresh herbs (sabzi khordan), radishes, and feta cheese. These sides provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the main dishes.
  6. Bread Varieties: Iranians love their bread, and you’ll find a range of options, from flatbreads like lavash and sangak to naan barbari. Bread is often served as an accompaniment to kebabs and stews.
  7. Saffron Infusion: Saffron, often called the “red gold,” is a prized spice in Iranian cuisine. It’s used to add both color and flavor to many dishes, from rice to desserts. Don’t be surprised by the vibrant golden hues in your food.
  8. Vegetarian Options: While meat dishes are prevalent, Iranian cuisine also offers delicious vegetarian options. Try dishes like Kashk-e Bademjan (eggplant dip with whey) or Mirza Ghasemi (smoked eggplant and tomato dip).
  9. Dessert Delights: Iranian sweets are a delightful way to end your meal. Try pastries like baklava, zoolbia and bamieh (fried doughnuts), or traditional treats like saffron ice cream and Persian rice pudding (sholeh zard).
  10. Hospitality: Iranians are known for their warm hospitality, and this extends to their dining culture. Expect generous portions and the offer of more food even if you’re already full. It’s customary to express your appreciation for the meal and the host’s hospitality.
  11. Etiquette: In Iran, it’s polite to eat with your right hand, and using a piece of flatbread to scoop up food is common. Also, remember to remove your shoes when dining in someone’s home.

Exploring Iranian cuisine as a first-timer is an exciting culinary journey.

Be open to trying new flavors and savoring the unique blend of ingredients that make Iranian dishes a true gastronomic delight.

Whether you’re enjoying a kebab, savoring a rich stew, or indulging in a sweet treat, you’re in for a memorable dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Iranian vs. Persian Cuisine: What’s the Difference?

Iranian cuisine and Persian cuisine are often used interchangeably. However, there’s a subtle distinction between the two. “Persian” refers to the historical and cultural identity of the people and cuisine from ancient Persia, which is now modern-day Iran. Therefore, Persian cuisine specifically refers to the culinary traditions of Iran.

2. Is Iranian Food Always Spicy?

No, Iranian cuisine is not known for being excessively spicy. While there are some dishes that incorporate mild spices, the primary flavors in Iranian food come from ingredients like saffron, dried limes, and herbs. Spiciness is not a defining characteristic of Iranian cuisine, and many dishes are enjoyed for their rich and balanced flavors rather than heat.

3. Are Vegetarian Options Common in Iranian Cuisine?

Yes, vegetarian options are readily available in Iranian cuisine. Many traditional dishes feature vegetables, grains, legumes, and dairy products. Popular vegetarian dishes include Kashk-e Bademjan (eggplant dip), Mirza Ghasemi (smoked eggplant and tomato dip), and various types of rice pilafs. Iranians have a rich tradition of vegetarian cooking alongside their meat-based dishes.

4. What Is Tahdig, and Why Is It Special?

Tahdig is a cherished element of Iranian cuisine. It’s the crispy layer of rice that forms at the bottom of the pot when cooking rice. It’s often flavored with saffron and can be enhanced with ingredients like sliced potatoes or bread. Tahdig is highly prized for its unique texture and flavor, making it a sought-after part of a meal, even though it’s technically a side dish.

5. Are Iranian Meals Served with Bread?

Yes, bread is a staple in Iranian cuisine and is commonly served with meals. Various types of bread are enjoyed, including flatbreads like lavash and naan barbari. Bread is used for scooping up food and complementing dishes like kebabs and stews.

6. What Are the Signature Spices and Ingredients in Iranian Cuisine?

Saffron is perhaps the most iconic spice in Iranian cuisine, known for its distinctive color and flavor. Other essential ingredients include dried limes (limoo amani), pomegranate paste (rob-e anar), and a variety of aromatic herbs such as mint, parsley, and fenugreek. These ingredients give Iranian dishes their unique character.

7. Do Iranians Use Cutlery or Eat with Their Hands?

In traditional Iranian dining, it is common to eat with the right hand, using a piece of flatbread to scoop up food. However, in modern settings, especially in urban areas, cutlery is also used. The choice between using hands or utensils often depends on personal preference and the formality of the occasion.

8. Is Iranian Food Always Served with Rice?

Rice is a fundamental component of Iranian cuisine, and it accompanies many dishes. However, not all Iranian meals are served with rice. Some dishes, like kebabs, may be served with bread, and there are rice-free options available as well. Rice preparation in Iran is an art, resulting in various types of rice with distinct textures and flavors.


In conclusion, Iranian cuisine is not just about food; it’s a cultural heritage that has stood the test of time.

Its roots in ancient Persia, dating back millennia, have given rise to a culinary tradition that celebrates the beauty of balance and the richness of flavors.

Dubai, with its vibrant culinary scene, offers a gateway to this world of gastronomic delight.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of Iranian cuisine or taking your very first bite, these restaurants in Dubai promise a memorable experience.

From Freej Albastakia Restaurant’s authentic flavors to the delectable offerings of Al Ustad Kabab and the elegance of Anar Restaurant, there’s something to please every palate.

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