Cleanliness and personal hygiene are of utmost importance

Not many have the habit of keeping clean. The ongoing pandemic that has spread is indeed a lesson for all of us. I am sure there are many who have never even used sanitizers nor have they seen one in the first place. But why do we wait for a virus to spread?

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Cleanliness is a way of living in and around with a neat and clean environment, materials, etc. It is not a forced phenomenon and everyone should be practicing cleanliness for a better healthy life whether you are at home or in an office. All this starts through education and awareness.

cleaning and personal hygiene

Home is our first school and we should be learning cleanliness from the root of a kid’s growth. We can see various sickness spread over a short span of time. It is necessary to keep yourself clean to avoid any type of disease from affecting you so that it will help you to be fresh and active all day. Keeping yourself clean is the first step towards cleanliness.


1. Due to the present situation most of us are asked to sit indoors.

2. Business cannot fun functionally and in a timely manner, family and friends cannot catch up for a little stopover for a little chit chat, spiritual gatherings are even shut.

3.Many Life-threatening diseases are caused due to the lack of cleanliness in and around our places whether it is at home, schools.


With Proper cleaning and taking care of our environment all these health issues can be destroyed for a happy living.

Whether it be your room, school, garden, community, society, etc. we have a duty to keep it neat and tidy. This does not require any certificate or a degree but sheer common sense which many of us lack.

Awareness Tips 

With proper education about the importance of cleanliness, the characteristics should be developed so that we continue this habit throughout.

Cleanliness is nothing that should be forced upon a person but should be properly practiced and be made a usual lifestyle. A clean and well-maintained person will always succeed in all his difficulties if he /she applies it in every path he walks. Lastly, Cleanliness will also help us to be fit and healthy mentally, physically, and socially as well. So let’s not wait for sickness to spread and ruin the health and life of others. Keep your hand sanitizers, Masks and gloves already ready with you for use. Remember “Prevention is better than cure”.

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