Dubai Metro DMCC, IBN Battuta Line Soon to be Back in Service

With the on-going construction work for the additional lines for the 2020 Expo in Dubai showing rapid progress, public riders can expect that the city’s metro rail system will only get better from this point forward.

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This is the vision backed by the government’s decision to integrate traffic control systems in decongesting areas in the city for the upcoming global event set to take place in Dubai starting next year.

Dubai Metro Soon to Reopen Line Between DMCC, IBN Battuta

The Dubai Metro has announced that passengers travelling between DMCC Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) (Station 37) to IBN Battuta (Sttation 39) will no longer have to take the free bus transport covering this route as the red line is set to reopen very soon, as shared in a report by The National.

According to the announcement, train services will be restored through DMCC directly heading towards IBN Battuta. However, the Nakheel Harbor and Tower station will remain closed until further notice.

Last year, the Nakheel Harbor and Tower station has been closed off to give way to the construction of Route 2020.

According to RTA Rail Agency Director of Rail Operations Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb, due to the closure of the DMCC and Ibn Battuta stations to accommodate the construction of Route 2020, the RTA has decided to provide free shuttle bus services between these areas so as not to inconvenience the riding public with the construction work taking place.

Al Mudharreb explained that the step reinforces the RTA’s vision to provide safe and smooth transport for all.

With this development, the free shuttle services will remain operational only until April 18, as the line service from DMCC and IBN Battuta will be restored on April 19 to accommodate passengers directly travelling through this line.

As the modes of public transportation are widely varied within the city, resumption of this integral service line will only mobilize traffic conditions on roads and highways, which not only will benefit the public commuters but even all the residents within the city.

It’s quite amazing to note that the government is truly committed in its role in providing quality service to the people in areas such as infrastructure and public transport, while accommodating other priority projects in its bid to boost the economy and the emirate’s position and performance in the region as well as in the global stage.

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