Dubai Quranic Park Receives 100K Visitors on Opening Week

As the Holy Month of Ramadan approaches, Muslims from all over the world, especially those living in the Middle East, are making huge preparations in time for this important season of the year.

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Recently, the Dubai Municipality has announced the opening of the Quranic Park which offers a free interactive experience for guests to know more about the values of Islam as well as to see the different kinds of miracles mentioned in the holy Qur’an.

Over 100K Guests Visit Quranic Park on Opening Week

In line with this, over 100,000 guests have visited the Quranic Park in Dubai on its first week of opening to the public, as reported by Gulf News.

On March 29, the Municipality of Dubai opened the Quranic Park at Al Khawaneej. The development cost AED 200 million, spanning an area of 64 hectares.

According to Dawoud Al Hajri, director general of Dubai Municipality, the opening of the park comes in line with the “Year of Tolerance.” Al Hajri further explained that the Dubai Municipality has developed the park with the goal of promoting the Islamic cultural and civilizational roles through the park’s many cultural elements that support the interaction between different cultures. The park was also conceptualised based on the policy of increasing the green area in the emirate as well as the diversity of various landmarks.

Dubai Quranic Park Receives 100,000 Visitors on Opening Week
Credits: WAM

Entry into the park is free of charge; however, visitors will have to pay a minimal fee of AED 5 per head to access the Cave of Miracles as well as the Glass House. Of note, the Nol card must be used to pay for these fees inside the park.

For those who are visiting the UAE for the first time, take advantage of this opportunity to learn more not only about the place but also the people’s tradition and beliefs, which are firmly grounded on the principles of Islam, as expressed through various cultural elements and highlights incorporated in this one of a kind park.

When in Dubai, you can check out many other places such as museums, parks, and libraries that feature the country’s rich cultural heritage, and great spots to learn more about the people’s identity and way of living in the region. You can definitely include the Quranic Park on your itinerary when visiting the UAE, because not only will this enrich your travel experience – you will never regret it!