7 Expats Jailed for Stealing AED 125,000 from Bank Customer

A gang of seven Africans, who were found to specialize in carrying out planned robberies, will stand trial this week on charges of assault and theft.

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According to police reports, the gang was reported to have stolen AED 125,000 and a mobile phone from one of their victims, who then reported the incident at the nearest police station.

Seven Expats Jailed for Stealing AED 125,000 from Bank Customer

Seven Expats Sent to Jail for Stealing AED 125,000 from Bank Customer

In a report shared by the Khaleej Times, the 50-year-old Asian victim informed that he had been robbed by the gang after he withdrew cash from a bank in Nad Al Hamr.

He said the group approached him while he was on his way to his car and attacked him by surprise, before fleeing with his case in which he had AED 15,000 in addition to AED 110,000 he’d withdrawn from his account.

The police launched an investigation and reviewed the cameras at the scene of the crime. They arrested several people and the victim managed to recognize the accused in a line-up.

During interrogation, the defendants admitted to their crime. The case was then referred to the public prosecution.

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