Dubai Police Arrests Group of People Involved in Indecent Video Circulating Online

The Dubai police have apprehended a group of people who appeared in an indecent video circulating online. A criminal case has been filed against the suspects and they have been referred to the public prosecution for further action, a statement said.

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Please be advised everyone, while you may be in Dubai and it may be open for tourists and it may seem like a great city to visit, please know that there are strict rules when it comes to how you should respect the Islamic culture and religion. Aside from this, please be aware of your actions and make sure to respect other people as well. Be aware of what is inappropriate and don’t do them.

Dubai Police Arrests Group of People Involved in Indecent Video Circulating Online

Group Who Appeared on Indecent Video Circulating Social Media Arrested by Dubai Police

In line with this, the police emphasized that such “unacceptable behavior”, stating that they do not “reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society”.

The people involved in the scandalous act on a balcony in Dubai could face up to six months in jail and a fine of AED 5,000.

Regarding the incident, the Dubai police cited article 361 of the Federal Penal Code, which states that: “Whoever publicly appeals, sings, or engages in lewd speech or seduces others publicly into debauchery in any manner whatsoever, shall be punished by detention for at most six months and by a fine not exceeding Dhs5,000, or by either of these two penalties.”

Moreover, it warned that under UAE cybercrime laws, anyone who produces or publishes material related to gambling and pornography online can face a punishment of prison and fines of between AED 250,000 to AED 500,000.

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