Dubai Police Punishment for Blackmail and Threats Online

The Dubai Police recently reminded residents and citizens of consequences on Blackmail and Threats online. As these offenses are punishable by Fine and/or Jail Time. Please be careful to all residents that threatening a person is a crime in the UAE.

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Below is a post from the Dubai Police regarding this reminder on blackmail being punishable:

There are some people who hide behind their phone screens and use their social media accounts to publish defamatory or offensive content. Regardless of the type of abuse or offense, he/she is legally responsible for what is being published on their digital platforms. They face imprisonment or a Fine or both, as per Article 16 of the Cyber Crime Law

Article 16 of the UAE Cyber Crime Law

Punishment of Blackmailing or Threatening a Person to perform or refrain from an Action by using an Information Network or an Information Technology Tool.

Any person who blackmailed or threatened another person to make him perform or refrain an action by using an Information Network or an Information Technology Tool shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years and a Fine not less than AED 250,000. and not exceeding AED 500,000 or by any of these punishments.

The punishment shall be imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years if the threat to commit an offense or attribution of issues that prejudice honor or consideration.

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