[WATCH] Filipinos in Dubai Create COVID-Themed Film

Without a doubt, the current global crisis has affected all of us, gradually changing our lives and pushing us towards a “new normal,” whether we like it or not. Still, amid a time like this, it is refreshing to see people who keep on creating inspiring work that stir joy and hope.

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Recently, a Filipino-led group has created a film about a solo parent struggling to provide for her daughter during the crisis. It was made by Kiko Man Films (KMF), a Dubai-based film production team comprised of “talented Filipinos bringing their artistic flair to the world.”

Filipinos in Dubai Create COVID-Themed Film
Screenshot of video shared by Kiko Man Films on YouTube

Dubai-Based Filipino Group Creates COVID-Themed Film

The film, “Panganay ng Umaga,” follows the story of Rowena, who was left by her husband while the dreaded disease is happening. Trying to make ends meet, she struggles to feed her only daughter, Ysa, according to KMF director Francis Gacer, as reported by GMA News.

“COVID-19 has truly proved itself not only a pandemic occurrence but a social-economic black hole that had left many in the limbo or nothingness,” Gacer explained, with regard to the film. “Many were displaced, thousands lost their jobs, and families were engulfed by poverty as the community raced towards food relies and financial subsidies.”

Almost all 40 members of Kiko Man Films are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from different industries in Dubai, while three are non-Filipinos: Emirati, Iranian, and Palestinian.

So far, the production team has created 46 short films and one full-length film. “KMF was created with an original intention from me to explore my artistic flair in the field of cinematography,” Gacer shared. “I have started it alone as the actor, cameraman, script writer, and director at the same time.”

Gacer mentioned that each film he makes is a product of his restless creativity, and that he doesn’t stick to a single genre or plot. “I always wanted to think outside the box and present the story in the facet that viewers would not expect,” he said. “I always try to break clichés and attach unpredictable twists on our films. This is how I wanted us to be known.”

The filmmaker also shared that the current crisis would not stop him from creating films. “If there are still stories to tell the word, then I will still film,” he declared.

Video: “Panganay ng Umaga” by Kiko Man Films

Watch the full-length film through Kiko Man Film’s official YouTube channel below:

Indeed, it is truly inspiring to hear about fellow Filipinos who continue to create and share stories of hope amid the circumstances. To learn more about Kiko Man Films and to watch their videos, simply follow their official Facebook page.

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