Fire Hits Apartment in Dubai International City, 5 Pinays Left Homeless

Seven tenants, including five Filipinas, were left homeless after a minor fire broke out in their apartment at Dubai’s International City on Tuesday evening, around 6pm.

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Firefighters were immediately able to extinguish the fire, but not before it destroyed the bedroom of a first floor apartment in the Greece Cluster of International City. Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the blaze.

5 Filipinas Homeless After Fire Hits Apartment in Dubai

Investigations are currently being done to determine the cause of the fire, while the Dubai Civil Defence has yet to comment on the incident.

As cited earlier, five of the affected tenants are Filipinas. Three of them are working as housemaids, whereas two are in Dubai on visit visas.

One of the tenants, Christina M., told Gulf News that she was in the hallway outside the apartment when the fire broke out. Upon noticing that their Wi-Fi got disconnected, she entered their apartment and saw smoke everywhere, their bedroom on fire.

Christina mentioned that the make-shift lamp of one of her housemates may have overheated and caused the fire, but they don’t really know for sure.

None of the tenants were able to salvage their belongings. Christina, who is seeking a job in Dubai, said that her passport, laptop, and shoes were all destroyed by the fire. She and her housemates have also lost their money and wallets.

Filipino Community Extends Help to Fire Victims

Fortunately, many people have responded to their plight. Arrangements had been made for them to take refuge at the shelter at the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Al Ghusais; however, a friend who also lives in International City took them in on Tuesday night.

Christina shared that their friend gave them clothes to wear and some toiletries. Still, they planned to return to their apartment and see if there is anything they could save.

Meanwhile, at 10pm on Tuesday, Philippine Consul-General Paul Raymund Cortes met with Filipino community leaders, including Josie Conlu, to talk about how they can assist Christina and her housemates.

On Facebook, Filipino expat Rachel Salinel called on other kabayans to help the fire victims. Donations such as clothes, bedding, or money for food may be extended:

If you would like to offer your help and support our fellow kabayans, please do not hesitate to contact the persons mentioned in the post above. Moreover, don’t forget to keep your own house safe to avoid similar incidents, and always take note of these emergency numbers in Dubai.