Illegal Stay, Working With Visit Visa Among Most Common Crimes

Last year, illegal stays and working while on a visit visa were among the most popular crimes heard by Dubai’s one-day court. The court prosecuted 653 cases of illegal stays in the UAE and 330 cases of people working on a visit visa.

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With 1,165 instances filed last year, the most common crime was bouncing checks. The court also heard 305 cases of drinking without a license and 177 cases of drinking and driving.

Dubai Attorney-General Reveals Illegal Stay, Working With Visit Visa Among Most Common Crimes

Most Common Crimes in Dubai Include Illegal Stay, Working With Visit Visa

However, Dubai Attorney-General Essam Issa Al Humaidan stated that the number of petty offenses has decreased marginally from 6,191 in 2019 to 2,621 in 2020, the National reported.

Al Humaidan attributed the drop to movement restrictions established last year to reduce the pandemic’s impact.

The one-day small crime court opened in 2017 and covers the heavily populated Deira and Bur Dubai neighborhoods and residency offenses.

What the Law Says on These Crimes

It is prohibited to work in the UAE without a valid work permit granted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or one of the free zone agencies.

Article 11 of the Immigration Law states: “A foreigner who obtains a visit visa may not work anywhere in the country with or without pay or for his own.

If the visa is issued to work for an individual or an establishment, the holder may not work for another individual or establishment without the written consent of that individual or establishment and the approval of the Directorate of Nationality and Immigration.”

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