Pakistani Artist Creates Tourist Attraction Map of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A Pakistani artist just created a detailed tourist attraction map of Karachi. Assam Altaf, also known as The Pakistani Traveller, is an artist and photographer and he spent about 8 days in listing the attractions and designing his creation.

He has previously created a tourist attraction map of Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, and even Saudi Arabia. This next project of his concentrates on the places you can visit when you arrive in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one of the four provinces located in the northwestern region of Pakistan.


Tourist Attraction Map of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by Assam Altaf

KYBER PAKHTUNKHWA: This province is made for tourism, it has one of the oldest civilization in the world or you can say maybe world starts from here. And it is my honor to re-introduce history, culture and tourism with my own style through tourist map. This map is going to help many local and International tourists for sure. I would like to dedicate this tourist map to this year 2021 which is going to be very special for Pakistan Inshallah. 


  1. Broghil Pass

2. Ayun Valley

3. Shandoor National Park

4. Rumbur Valley

5. Bumburet / Kalash Museum

6. Kalash / Birir Valley

7. Shahi Masjid Chitral

8. Chitral Fort

9. Kumrat Valley

10. Nagar Fort

11. Andan Dheri

12. The Tomb of Malik Ayaz

13. Malam Jaba Ski & Resort

14. Swat Museum

15. Butkara 1

16. Shinkiari Tea Plantations

17. Kaghan

18. Saif-ul-Malook

19. Shingardar Stupa

20. Malakand Pass

21. Takht-i-Bahi Monastery

22. Jamal Ghari

23. Rani Ghat Buddhist Ruins

24. Shahbaz Ghari

25. Bala Hisar Fort

26. Gor Khatri

27. Peshawar Museum

28. Shagai Fort

29. Khyber Pass Peshawar

30. Sphola Stupa

31. Tarbela Dam

32. Thandiani Top View

33. Taxila Museum

34. Tanda Dam

35. Pweiwar Pass / Parachinar

36. Kafir Kot

37. Angoor Ada Border

38. Kaniguram

39. Gomal Zam Dam

40. Lakki Marwat

41. Lal Mahra Tombs

42. Takht-e-Sulaimani

Lakes & Waterfalls

43. Mahmood Waterfalls

44. Moon Lake

45. Sajjikot Waterfalls

46. Bora Waterfalls

47. Shangla Top Waterfalls

48. Jaroga Valley Waterfalls

49. Paloga Waterfalls

50. Ushu River

51. Chashma e Shia

52. Saifullah Lake

53. Nasrullah Lake

54. Utrar River

55. Anraab Lake

56. Mahodand Lake

57. Kharkhari Lake

58. Zamazan Lake

59. Jaz Dhand Lake

60. Katora Lake

61. Paristan Jheel

62. Godar Lake

53. Daral Lake

64. Saidgai Lake

65. Izmis Lake

66. Kundol Lake

67. Ansoo Lake

68. Saiful Malook Lake

69. Lullusar Lake

70. Mighty 22 Lake

71. Jabba Lake

72. Shandur Lake

73. Barann Lake

74. Swat River

75. Kunar River

Other Cities

76. Kalam

77. Buyun

78. Matiltan

79. Bahrain

80. Utrar

81. Gabral

82. Plain Forest Kalam

83. Shetak Dand

84. Shahi Bagh

85. Brep

86. Harchin

87. Laspur

88. Tirich Miri

89. Drosh City

90. Arandu

91. Shogran



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