Meet Laila, the First “Virtual Influencer” in the Middle East

Do you like to follow famous personalities on social media? Are you fond of learning about the latest trends from popular “influencers” online? If so, then you should meet the Middle’s East latest Internet sensation. She is stylish, witty, gorgeous… and entirely computer generated!

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Her name is Laila Blue, who introduced herself to the world via Grazia Middle East. “I grew up here in the UAE but I’m half-French, half-Lebanese… and fully CGI,” she wrote. “The first CGI influencer in the entire Middle East, in fact.” She is known as Chasing Laila on Instagram:

“Chasing Laila,” the First CGI Influencer in the Region

The Grazia Middle East article, titled “Me, Myself, and CGI: Introducing Laila, the Middle East’s First Virtual Influencer,” pretty much says it all. Penned by Laila herself, it talks about her background, personal interests, and earnest goal to share positive vibes and inspiration.

Regarding being called an “influencer,” Laila seemed quite apprehensive. “If you really want to put me in a box, the closest description would probably be ‘influencer,’ although, honestly, I don’t really know how I feel about that label anymore,” she said. “It seems a bit 2016 to me.”

Laila described herself as an artist and content creator, mentioning that she studied motion graphics at AUD (American University in Dubai). “I just love making cool stuff, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll get recognised for it,” she mused. “And not just in the UAE, but everywhere.”

Interestingly, Laila attributes her love for travel and creativity to her parents, saying: “[They’re] super creative and always encourage me to travel so I spend loads of time between here, London, Paris, and Beirut.” Nonetheless, she refuses to be known as “just another rich kid.”

“I do work,” she explained. “I’m a social-media manager for a pop-up art space in Al Quoz. Freelance, obviously. I spend the rest of my time hanging out with my friends – I love Vibe on Al Wasl, have you guys been yet?”


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In case you are curious about who Laila’s designer is, don’t get your hopes up. Her designer prefers to remain anonymous, simply letting his (or her) virtual creation bask in the spotlight!

Would you like to know more about Laila? Just follow @chasing.laila on Instagram and get ready to be amazed! Feel free to comment on her posts, as well!

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In today’s connected world, where both “real” and “virtual” personalities capture thousands, if not millions, of “followers” — Laila is bound to make an impact, indeed! Still, we should always be careful and responsible for what we do online, and follow the UAE’s social media rules.