Man Arrested for Filming a Filipina Taking a Shower

Aside from avoiding online investment scams that have been spreading around lately, we also have to be careful of suspicious persons… including “peeping toms.”

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Police have apprehended a man who has been accused of filming another woman (not his wife) while she was taking a shower. Interestingly, the husband’s wife assisted in the operation that led to his arrest. The case was heard at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Man Arrested for Filming a Filipina Taking a Shower

Police Arrest Man for Filming Woman in Shower

A few months ago, on March 7, police were called to an apartment in Al Muraqqabat. A woman had reported seeing a man’s arm stretched through her bathroom window, holding a mobile phone while she was taking a shower, according to The National.

The woman, a Filipina, shared that since it was after midnight, she thought she was just imagining things at first. But when the man stretched his arm again — carrying a phone in his hand — that’s when she screamed.

She immediately got dressed and rushed out of her apartment, but the man had fled. She and her brother then went out to look for him.

Her brother saw the man, who was also a Filipino, and asked if he had seen anyone near their apartment. In an attempt to throw him off, the man said that he had seen a Pakistani running away.

However, the woman explained that they began to suspect the Filipino man, because he kept asking them questions about what happened and why their bathroom window was open.

Man Arrested for Filming a Filipina Taking a Shower

Upon asking the security guard if they could see the building’s CCTV footage, they discovered that, indeed — it was the Filipino man who was running away from their apartment at the time the incident happened.

While the woman and her brother discussed calling the police, the Filipino man came into the security room and admitted to committing the act. He told her that he had deleted the video from his phone. Still, she called the police and reported the incident.

Apparently, the man tried to get away, but the police were able to capture him during a sting operation. In fact, the man’s wife even helped by luring him into meeting with her, and the police arrested him as soon as he showed up.

During police questioning, the accused admitted to a charge of sexual assault. However, he denied it in court. A verdict for the case is set to be announced on July 31.

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It is dismaying to hear about cases like these, particularly when the suspect involved is a fellow Pinoy. As foreigners, we should keep in mind that such acts — in the UAE or anywhere else — is a serious criminal offence. Moreover, let us be vigilant at all times and report suspicious persons and actions to the authorities immediately.

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