Salary of an Office Worker in Dubai – from Assistant to Executive to Manager

One of the most common reasons why Filipinos go to UAE to work overseas is because of the lucrative salary offers. You get more for the same kind of work in the Philippines, and while the cost of living is also much higher, you can send whatever money you save back to your family in the homeland, where it is more valuable. However, it’s very important that you are aware how much salary an expat can earn if they work in an office.

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That’s why, before even starting the application process, many Filipinos are curious about the salary they can get when they work in UAE. This article summarizes the information shared by a Filipina YouTuber, Rose, under the channel name Viking & Islander. She shares what work she does in Dubai, and the salary she receives.

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the experience shared by an OFW in the video below. Any of these information may change without prior notice. Please let this post serve as a guide only.

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Salary of People working in Offices in Dubai – How Much Does Office Jobs Earn?

This article features the experiences of Rose, from YouTube channel Viking & Islander. It talks about what jobs she took, the roles and responsibilities, and her salary. Check out her video below:

Be advised that her salary is based on her experience and may differ depending on job roles and responsibilities. We hope you get a good idea into the work of an office assistant, to an office executive to an office manager.

Admin Assistant Job Salary in Dubai

When Rose first started working in Dubai, she was an Admin Assistant.

Her salary was 3,700 AED, or 51,100 pesos. This wasn’t bad for a first timer.

The following are her roles in the company:

  • Helping HR manager process visa applications
  • Labor matters in the UAE government
  • Compose e-mails, like offer letters, to send out to potential customers.

Procurement Officer Salary in Dubai

After one year of working as an admin assistant, Rose was given more responsibilities. Now she became a procurement officer as well.

Being a procurement officer is something that Rose is quite familiar with since this was her job for 2.5 years back in the Philippines.

Her salary is now at 5000 AED, or equivalent to 69,100 pesos.

Roles and responsibilities:

Actually, Rose had more than one titles and responsibilities, that this became an issue to her (compensation is not enough for the amount of work she had to do). In fact, due to her busy schedule, she didn’t have a social life.

Her roles include the following:

  • HR Assistant
  • Admin Assistant
  • Marketing coordinator – which includes attending meetings and sometimes making approvals, with the CEO having the final approval.
  • Personal Assistant to CEO
  • Co-project manager – for the opening of a new restaurant

Getting a Salary Upgrade

Rose realized this was too much work for a relatively small salary of 5000 AED.

She didn’t say that she will resign though, because she knew employers don’t like it when you scare them about resigning. They often just respond with: I can always replace you with someone else.

She first talked to an HR manager about her concern, but the HR manager said she should direct her complain straight to the CEO.

As a result, the company actually increased her salary to 7,200 AED, equivalent to 99,500 pesos per month.

Aside from the salary, she also receives bonuses, since she is helping the CEO with their other businesses.

Brand Manager Job Salary in Dubai

She then had a job as a Brand Manager.

Now her salary is at 8000 AED per month, or equivalent to 110,500 pesos.

Rose mentioned that this salary, while high, is much lower compared to other non-Filipino workers in bigger companies.

Truth is, Filipinos can earn higher if they are lucky enough to be working for much bigger companies, like big IT companies.

That’s it. I hope you learned something or became inspired to work in Dubai. If your salary is below 3,700 AED, go ahead and persevere. Always remember why you’re in Dubai; why you’re far from your family. You’re doing this because of them and for yourself as well, for self-fulfillment.