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UAE Announces New List of Fines for Violators of COVID-19 Rules

The UAE, on a press briefing last Monday (May 18), has released a revised list of fines for Covid-19 restriction and rules violators. This comes at a time when residents are introduced to new guidelines set by the government to maintain public health and safety as the country gradually opens its economy to cope with the effects caused by the viral outbreak. 

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The government has announced the first phase of easing of restrictions which took effect on April 24, coinciding with the beginning of Ramadan in the UAE.  

new fines covid violators

UAE Releases Revised List of Fines for Covid-19 Restriction Violators 

In a report shared by WAM, Acting Chief of Prosecution of the Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee Salem Al Zaabi shared: “Some penalties have been tightened in line with the current situation and government instructions to gradually ease the precautionary measures to curb the [spread of] COVID-19.” 

Here is the updated list of fines released by the UAE government:

  • Those who don’t abide by the closure of schools, gyms, cinemas, parks, cafes, restaurants, and pools will be slapped with an AED 50,000 fine. This also applies to those not abiding by the prescribed opening and closing times of restaurants, parks, malls, etc.
  • An AED 10,000 fine will be given to those who have or had COVID-19 and refuse to download the app used for COVID-19 tracing.
  •  Likewise, an AED 20,000 fine will be given to those who have or had COVID-19 and try to tamper with tracking device or app installed by authorities
  • Another AED 20,000 fine will be given to those who do not place thermal cameras where required.
  • For having a party or gathering, an AED 10,000 fine will be given to the host and AED 5,000 to each attendee.
  •  In cars, with more than three people traveling or not wearing masks, an AED 3,000 fine will be given.
  • Meanwhile, those who do not wear masks at work or in the office will be given a fine of AED 5,000 (for the company) and AED 500 for the employee.
  • For failing to maintain physical distancing at work or in other places such as shops or restaurants, an AED 3,000 fine will be given per person involved and an AED 5,000 fine for the establishment.
  • An AED 5,000 fine will be given to shops that operate beyond permitted times.
  • Similarly, refusal to do a COVID-19 test will result in a fine of AED 5,000. For those who refuse to redo a COVID-19 test after two weeks, an AED 1,000 fine will apply.  
  • Those caught violating rules during the Sterilization period will be given an AED 3,000 fine.
  • And for private tutors offering their services during this period, an AED 30,000 fine will be given to them, and an AED 20,000 fine to those who avail their services. 
  • Companies who move their workers between emirates will be given a fine worth AED 10,000, along with the confiscation of the vehicle.    

In addition to these, legal consultant Salem Al Zaabi, acting Chairman of the Public Prosecution for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster, shared on Monday (May 18) said that those who fail to comply with home and health quarantine will be fined AED 50,000.

In case of repeat violations or non-compliance with the quarantine instructions for the second time, the offender will be referred to the Public Prosecution and will be subject to a criminal trial, and is punishable by imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 months, and a fine of not less than AED 100,000, or one of these two penalties.

UAE authorities also announced that from Ramadan 27, sterilization would start at 8 pm, and end at 6 am. There will also be changes in mall and shop timings accordingly.  

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