Sharjah Aims to Render Fastest Emergency Response

With the country’s bid to provide happiness across all levels of services offered by the national government, every emirate floats various new resolutions in sectors which they put priority in.

And one of which is public safety which spills over to emergency response and disaster preparedness, which are fittingly just what every good governance should provide to their people.

Sharjah Aims to Render Fastest Emergency Response

Sharjah Looks to Provide Fastest Emergency Response in the UAE

The Sharjah Police have introduced a new initiative to help the UAE achieve the world’s shortest emergency response time by 2021, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

Head officials of the Sharjah Police had a meeting in which they discussed a comprehensive plan that could minimize the time it takes to address emergencies, explained Major-General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of the Sharjah Police.

Maj-Gen Al Shamsi shared that the police would soon roll out an education programme to raise public awareness on the importance of acting right away in emergency situations.

During the meeting, the participants also reviewed current methodologies and explored global benchmarks and global performance indicators. At the meeting the lead persons identified the areas that need to be given attention to meet the government’s 2021 goal.

According to Maj-Gen Al Shamsi, through the introduction of an advanced system, authorities can now execute their emergency response activities to less than five minutes.

A quick-response management system (MDT) complements the software that is installed on iPads all connected to the operation rooms.

The handy new system can pull up all the necessary information on the caller – which includes the place of emergency as well as movement at the site – almost instantaneously. Maj-Gen Al Shamsi added that the system functions as GPS to guide the patrol to the site of the emergency at the soonest time possible.

Aside from the location coordinates and traffic information, the system also displays details on the current urgency of a particular incident, as it was picked up at the control centres. This will enable the emergency response team to have quick access to the site, and will further speed up the response time.

The Khor Fakkan police station was among the first to have a smart device installed on-site to receive messages from the control centre/operation room. The police station has also set up seven surveillance cameras on the main streets to monitor violations as they happen on the road.

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