17 Best Team Building Activities in Dubai | Corporate Team Building Dubai

Dubai is known for its endless opportunities for business and fun. With Dubai’s high demand for businesses it also means that there is a high demand for team building, the better the team can work together the better the business outcomes will be.

Dubai offers a collection of team building activities guaranteed, a lot of companies listed below offers exclusive offers for other companies as well as for casual groups looking for team-friendly outings and activities, where everyone in the group can learn how to work together and have fun together.

team building Dubai
fun team building Dubai

Top Dubai Corporate Team Building Events

Here’s our pick of great team building activities that you can do in Dubai and their main goal is to create a coherent team spirit among the members and improve teamwork!

1. Aventura Parks

aventura parks team building dubai
Image: aventuraparks.com

Enjoy a jungle experience in Dubai when you have your corporate team activities hosted in this unique outdoor experience. Aventura is a sprawling 35,000 square-meter adventure park located in Mirdif and offers plenty of adrenaline-packed challenges and activities sich as high wire zip lines, tighrope walks, ladder climbs, etc. This is surely a fun-filled way to spend your team activities.

Aventura can also design specific programs based on your company’s requirements especially when you have specific corporate objectives you want to align in these activities. It’s not only an outdoor activity, but also an experiential learning experience for you and your team.

Call: +971 52 178 7616
Visit: aventuraparks.com

2. Desert Team Building

team building in the desert dubai
Image credit: platinum-heritage.com

Dubai is a desert, after all, so it’s just fitting to have a unique team building desert experience. If you are looking for a unique activity to motivate your team, get in touch with the team at Platinum Heritage Dubai.

The facilitators in Platinum Heritage offers different challenges for corporate events including: Build the Tent challenge, Bonfire challenge, Treasure hunt, Blind Pentagon, Sand Challenge, Stepping Stones, etc.

Call: +971 4 440 9827
Visit: platinum-heritage.com

3. Camel Polo Fun

camel polo dubai
Image credit: gulfventures.com

Get up close and personal with the sport of kings with a corporate camel polo tournament at Arabian Ranches Polo Club. Your team will get to experience a unique Arabian take on this royal pastime, each camel comes with a trainer that will help you steer the wonderful creatures safely.

It’s a fun-filled half-day activity promoting teamwork, there’s also a costume for the whole team that comes with it – polo chaps, helmets, and a designer polo shirt, there’s even soft beverages that you can enjoy while you ride the camels.

8-60 participants
Available on the following months (October – April)
Contact: gulfventures.com

4. Paddleboard Activity

paddleboard dubai team building
Image credit: kitensurf.ae

A lot of event planning companies in Dubai offer Paddle Boarding as a team-building activity. The activity combines adrenaline thrills, sportsmanship, and strategic planning. Working together on a paddle board that can accommodate up to 10 people is one of the main highlights when you book a team building event in Dubai at Kite N Surf. They also have plenty of water activities to incorporate tailored to your company’s interests, abilities and requirements.

Located in Umm Suqeim Beach (also known as Kite Beach), Kite N Surf is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai which is next to the iconic Burj Al Arab.

Visit: kitensurf.ae

5. Urban Movie Making: a Film among Skyscrapers

Dubai is known for its amazing aesthetics and skyscrapers, TeamWorking had made a creative jump of providing not only a tour of Dubai but also a chance to make something out of the beauty of Dubai. Their Urban Movie Making team building activity aims to create a commercial spot or a short film, a basic idea with a plot and characters.

The team will be asked to choose the concept of their film and make sure to use all of the beauty of Dubai to create their short movies. It provides the teams to do this activity with an open mind and open to communicate and share ideas, the more ideas incorporated in this fun-filled activity – the better!

50+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 50 7959666

6. The Infinite Loop (a VR Team Building experience)

Now, this team building activity was invented by BizGroup, it is made with an innovative mind, using the newest technology to help teams learn how to adjust to new environments while working with each other. The Infinite Loop is a strong lean management business game, based on real-time collaboration, and real-time communication, The keener the player in the virtual world will describe the problem, the faster the teammates in the real world will know the solution.

The Infinite Loop activity is made for companies who want to put their teams of employees to the test of strong learning curves and working under pressure. It is a versatile activity, a powerful tool for a debriefing on issues affecting modern businesses especially ones working with remote teams.

100+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+ 971 (0)4 246 1600 (Dubai, UAE)

7. Haunted Room

Haunted Room Hungarian Games
Image credit: hungariangames.com

Being scared in a room filled with your co-workers and your bosses doesn’t sound like a great idea, fortunately, it is!

The adrenaline rush of having to communicate with your team members while trying to escape creatures in the dark (may I add that they hire really good actors) will make your team learn how to function as a group even in the most pressuring circumstances.

20+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 43 21 4843 | +971 54 446 7008

8. Studio 113

Studio 113 Hungarian Games
Image credit: hungariangames.com

Hungarian Games are known for their Escape rooms, they have rated 5/5 stars for fun-filled escape rooms that boost people’s intellect with the puzzles as well as keeps them up on their feet. This will help members of the teamwork with each other and find the “cure” within 60-minutes to escape or else risk their worst nightmares. The whole team needs to cooperate in this fun game!

100+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 43 21 4843 | +971 54 446 7008

9. The Art Room

Art Room Hungarian Games
Image credit: hungariangames.com

Last on the recommendations list for Hungarian Games team building activities is The Art Room!
This room is specifically modified for teams to work together and create masterpieces of their own, there are even art teachers available that will provide feedback, your company can also plan out competition between the art of different teams – but make sure it is all in good fun!
Not every team building activity should be filled with adrenaline rush and competitions, sometimes a good, relaxing activity like creating art will foster good energy and teamwork to the members of a company.

30+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 43 21 4843 | +971 54 446 7008

10. Treasure Hunt

Ready for a great adventure in the city? In Urban Game Ipad in Dubai, you will visit special places like Dubai MarinaPalm Islandsand Burj Khalifa.

Participants, who are divided into teams, will receive a lot of instructions and leaver for their adventure. The teams will visit the main points of interest in the city while solving riddles and puzzles, look for clues, and making photographic activities. 

This activity will have the team using an iPad, with it the tour will become more captivating and interactive. Pictures will be taken there and short video challenges, as well as team quizzes and questions, will be done as well. 

30+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 50 7959666

11. Crazy Car Race Team Building

Who wouldn’t want a racing game as a team-building activity? In this particular activity, work is divided into steps in which team members work together, and each team member can utilize his/her talent in a part of the activity. Individual work and teamwork sum up to result in an effective team-building experience.

For this particular activity, you will not only race using a race car already provided, but the teams will also be making them on their own. Each team will have to design plans to structure out the needed race car, they have to collect materials as well (recycling is a must!). The craziest the car is will get additional points for creativity but the team will have to make sure it can still be ridden as a race car!

This particular activity is highly recommended for the businesses that require their employees to be creative under pressure, they will not only work on that skill but will also have fun!

30+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 50 7959666

12. Bridging the Divide

In Bridging the Divide, teams build a bridge to required customer specifications while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers, and strict time limits. Bridges will be creatively designed, decorated, and branded by each team. Each team can also sell the look and functionality of their bridges to the “customer”.

This particular activity will not only boost the team’s creativity but will also help them improve their marketing strategies that are always in demand for the workforce!

100+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+ 971 (0)4 246 1600 (Dubai, UAE)

13. Quickfire

Quickfire is an app-based team building game. Each team starts the game with a tablet and a box of equipment. Their quest is to complete as many challenges within a given time limit, they have to maximize their points to out-perform the other teams, then of course win the game.

The mental, creative, and physical challenges will come in varied difficulty levels and will come in various forms of tasks. Teams can select from hundreds of challenges available, the more wins the more points, there are consequences to failing challenges as well. Some challenges will require the participation of everyone in the group which adds to the need for decisive leadership, strategy, and effective communication.

The pace of the action builds steadily as time is running out! This reaches a fever pitch in the closing minutes of the event, creating an extraordinary atmosphere of fun, laughter, and urgency. The winning team is crowned the victor.

100+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+ 971 (0)4 246 1600 (Dubai, UAE)

14. Desert Adventure

Again, Dubai is known as a city of amazing aesthetics. One of Dubai’s main center for tourists is the desert, with that in mind TeamWorking had made sure to create a team-building event that will have your teams having fun in the desert with a little bit of adventure on the side!

Desert Adventure Team Building puts to trial resistance and nerve of a team. In all of these activities, you will face challenges linked to the difficult weather conditions, and you also be tasked to solve mind games.

50+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 50 7959666

15. Corporate Song Making

Music is a universal form of communication, TeamWorking made a team building event that provides creativity through music but also has a function for the company. Corporate Song Writing activity’s main goal is for different teams to create music through the company’s values or mission and vision, each team will be given the help of an expert musician, however, lyrics composed will have to be provided solely by the team members.

Unlimited number of participants (as stated through their booking form)
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 50 7959666

16. Mind Games (Outbreak and Beat the Box Activities)

There are countless of other mind games that companies can prepare their teams to do, one of the most highly recommended ones is Outbreak and Beat the Box by Biz Group.

Outbreak is an activity where the team will have to watch a video where they will learn that a virus had destroyed people’s ability to communicate and collaborate. Teams are then challenged to discover the vaccine and save the world. In this quest, they must open boxes, decrypt codes, bring proper DNA samples, etc. While the activity is being done they will be challenged with limitations on communication, they will be given a “live feed” of the “virus” so that all the teams will know if they are going through the proper steps or not. 

This activity is fun for all ages as it will improve problem-solving skills as well as resourcefulness.

Beat the Box is a teambuilding activity where teams are challenged to complete a series of escape room challenges to unlock a series of cases inside a locked metal box, they will be given a limited time frame to solve it. This activity will improve strategizing and problem-solving skills, the faster you solve the escape rooms the faster you’ll be able to solve the secret inside the box. 

50+ participants
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+ 971 (0)4 246 1600 (Dubai, UAE)

17. Cooking Galore!

In UAE traditions, they state that the planet is mixed and matched in a big melting pot. So for cooking, they made sure to stick by the culture and tradition. After a long filled day of fun team-building activities, this is an activity that every team member can do to show their skills as well as relax with their co-workers with the food they cook themselves.

A lot of challenges are waiting for the participants. Not only they must prepare all the dishes, from appetizers to dessert. They also need to keep clean, decorate the table, and creatively serve the dishes. This culinary team building is a nice solution to spend some hours with our colleagues in a creative and enjoyable context, sharing a meal but also working on teamwork, communication, and relationship.

Participant count depends on the booking details.
Available through various dates/times – book through their website here.
+971 50 7959666

Team Building Dubai

There are other teambuilding activities out there that anyone can try out and book themselves, always remember that team building activities are made for the improvement of skills and rapport towards co-workers. The more fun the activities are the better the skills are improved and the closer the teams will be with each other.

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