Topgolf Dubai: What You Need to Know

If you’re into leisure activities and are looking for a total entertainment experience, then Topgolf Dubai is the ultimate destination for you. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, Topgolf Dubai offers a one-of-a-kind recreational haven that combines the thrill of golf with cutting-edge technology and a lively social atmosphere.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking to refine your skills or a complete novice eager to have some fun, Topgolf Dubai promises an unforgettable experience that goes beyond traditional golfing. Step into a world where entertainment knows no bounds and embark on an exciting journey through this extraordinary fusion of sport, entertainment, and socialization. Get ready to tee off on an adventure like no other at Topgolf Dubai. Read on.

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Located at the Emirates Golf Club and spanning over 60,000 square feet with a rooftop terrace, Topgolf Dubai is a dynamic three-level entertainment venue offering a diverse array of interactive golf games, live music, dining, and more.

This exceptional destination caters to both golf enthusiasts and novices, promising enjoyment for everyone.

Reserve one of the 96 climate-controlled hitting bays to practice your driving skills and compete against friends, family, or colleagues using microchipped balls.

Beyond gaming, Topgolf boasts three restaurants, a retail space, luxurious VIP suites, large TV screens for sports viewing, a mini-golf course, and live music.

With breathtaking views of the Dubai Marina skyline, Topgolf Dubai serves as an ideal spot to unwind, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Features and Amenities

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At Topgolf Dubai, prepare to indulge in an extraordinary entertainment venture with a plethora of featured amenities designed to cater to all ages and interests.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice, a group of friends seeking a fun outing, or a corporate team planning a memorable event, Topgolf Dubai has it all.

  1. Hitting Bays Galore: Topgolf Dubai boasts a remarkable 96 hitting bays, providing ample space for everyone to enjoy the thrill of interactive golf games. Challenge your friends, family, or colleagues as you compete to score points with microchipped balls, enhancing your skills and having a blast together.
  2. Delectable Dining and Bars: Treat your taste buds at the two full-service restaurants and bars within the venue. Savor a wide array of culinary delights while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Topgolf Dubai. From delicious meals to refreshing beverages, the dining experience is sure to complement your enjoyable time.
  3. Enhance Your Game: For those looking to improve their golfing prowess, Topgolf Dubai offers golf lessons and classes. Learn from experienced instructors who will guide you to elevate your swing and finesse your techniques, making your time on the course even more rewarding.
  4. The Bunker Arcade: Step into The Bunker Arcade for a dose of classic arcade fun. Challenge your friends to exciting games and relive nostalgic moments while creating new memories in this engaging space.
  5. Accessibility for All: Topgolf Dubai ensures that everyone can partake in the fun, with wheelchair-accessible amenities to cater to all visitors’ needs.
  6. Perfect for Private Events: Planning a special occasion or corporate event? Topgolf Dubai offers private event spaces and meeting rooms, providing a unique setting for your celebration or team-building activities.

Important Guidelines:

  • A great time knows no age, but for the safety of all visitors, anyone under 16 must be supervised by a guest 21+ at all times.
  • Guests 16 and over must provide a physical ID to prove age.
  • For guests under 18, supervision by a guest 21+ is required after 9:00 pm.

Things to Do


  1. Topgolf (Beginner): Topgolf offers a signature game suitable for all skill levels. Players score points by hitting balls into any target. The more accurate and farther the shot, the more points earned.
  2. Topscore (Beginner): In Topscore, players can generate more points for each shot using multipliers ranging from 2 to 10 based on the target hit. (Yellow x 2, Green x 4, Brown x 6, Blue x 8, White x 10).
  3. Angry Birds (Beginner): For those looking for avian adventure, Angry Birds is the perfect game. Players use Angry Birds characters (golf balls) to demolish structures, defeat pigs, and earn points and stars. “Red” and “Bomb” take flight with Toptracer technology, causing mayhem with every hit.
  4. Quick 9 (Beginner): Quick 9 challenges beginners to take three shots each at Red, Yellow, and Green targets. The closer to the center, the higher the points scored, and the last shot at each target doubles the points.
  5. Topchip (Intermediate): Topchip is an intermediate-level game where players test their skills at three consecutive distances (Red, Yellow, Green). Scoring inside the shaded area of the correct target doubles the points for the next shot.
  6. Topshot (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced): Topshot caters to players of all levels with challenges at four consecutive distances: Red (Beginner), Yellow (Intermediate), and Green (Advanced) targets. Scoring inside shaded areas earns bonus points.
  7. Toppressure (Beginner, Advanced): Toppressure is designed for both beginners and advanced players. It tests touch and accuracy by hitting all nine sections within the Yellow (Beginner) or Green (Advanced) target. Point values multiply during levels two and three.
  8. Closest to the Hole (Advanced): Closest to the Hole is an advanced game where players take on the challenge of 9 approach shots on famous courses. The goal is to land as close to the hole as possible, with the lowest total distance from the pin determining the winner. Players must avoid penalties for shots in the rough or hazard areas.
  9. Topdrive (Advanced): Topdrive focuses solely on the White target & The Trench. Hitting other targets incurs negative points. (Red -5, Yellow -4, Green -3, Brown -2, & Blue -1).
  10. Topscramble (Intermediate): Topscramble is an intermediate-level game where two teams compete head-to-head. Scoring is based on a “best ball” system, where only the highest-scoring ball counts towards the team score.

With these exciting Topgolf games tailored for every skill level, players can enjoy a fun and challenging experience at our state-of-the-art venue. Gather friends, family, or colleagues and get ready to tee off on an unforgettable adventure!

Dining Selections

Indulge in the finest food, drinks, and entertainment at Topgolf Dubai.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or not, our venue offers an unforgettable time filled with flavors, fun, and cherished moments with loved ones.

So, get ready to tee off on an extraordinary journey of culinary delights and immersive entertainment.

  1. The Bunker – Cafe & Arcade
Credits: Topgolf website

Immerse yourself in an exciting arcade experience that pays homage to various sports. The Bunker offers classic activities paired with Topgolf’s renowned service in a cool and casual cafe setting. It’s the perfect spot for a fun day out with family or an enjoyable evening with friends. Even if you’re not keen on playing, drop by for a coffee and a sweet treat.

  1. The Yard Sports Bar & Terrace (Level 2)
Credits: Topgolf website

The Yard is the vibrant heart of Topgolf Dubai, offering the city’s newest nightlife hangout. With live music, sports action, and classic American dining, it’s the ideal spot to unwind before your bay is ready or to make it your regular local hangout. Step into the cool and casual atmosphere of The Yard, where you can enjoy a pint after work or let your hair down on the weekend. Come watch live sports without any admission cost at our sports bar.

  1. The Yard Upper Deck (Level 3)
Credits: Topgolf website

Experience iconic views of the Dubai Marina skyline while dining at The Yard Upper Deck on Level 3. Featuring contemporary American dishes and handcrafted drinks, this exclusive setting promises an unmatched culinary experience with front-row seats to some of the world’s most breathtaking vistas.

Membership Details

Annual Platinum Membership – Individual:

  • Recommended for personal use
  • AED 13,300 + AED 490 one-time joining fee
  • Installment option available: AED 1,195/month + AED 490 one-time joining fee
  • Unlimited Game Play on weekdays and weekends
  • Complimentary lifetime membership for accompanied guests
  • Complimentary reservation for every visit
  • 25% food & beverage discounts
  • 10% in-venue retail discount
  • AED 1,000 credit (hole-in-one prize**)
  • Upgraded clubs (limited supply)

Annual Corporate Platinum Membership – For 1-6 Individuals:

  • Recommended for groups & companies/businesses
  • Prices vary based on the number of members (1-2, 3-4, 5-6)
  • Installment options available
  • Same exciting benefits as Annual Platinum Membership

3-Month Platinum Membership – Individual:

  • Recommended for personal use
  • AED 3,500 includes a one-time joining fee
  • Unlimited Game Play on weekdays and weekends
  • All the same fantastic inclusions as Annual Platinum Membership

Annual Platinum Plus Membership – Individual:

  • Recommended for personal use
  • AED 19,999 + AED 490 one-time joining fee
  • Installment option available: AED 1,750/month + AED 490 one-time joining fee
  • Additional benefits include:
    • Extended Game Play hours on weekdays and weekends
    • Free upgrade to Premium Bay location (subject to availability)
    • 10% discount off tournament entry fee for Topgolf Leagues
    • Invitations to exclusive Platinum Parties throughout the year

Annual Corporate Platinum Plus Membership – For 1-6 Individuals:

  • Recommended for groups & companies/businesses
  • Prices vary based on the number of members (1-2, 3-4, 5-6)
  • Installment options available
  • All the exciting benefits of Annual Platinum Plus Membership

3 Month Platinum Plus Membership – Individual:

  • Recommended for personal use
  • AED 4,999 + AED 175 one-time joining fee
  • Same fantastic benefits as Annual Platinum Plus Membership

For further details, you may visit their Membership page to discuss your options.

Host an Event

Credits: Kristina Gherman / Google Maps

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a kids’ party, team building, or a corporate event, Topgolf Dubai offers the perfect venue to make your special occasion truly unforgettable. With a simple request, their event planning team will ensure a turn-key experience for your group.

Events Include:

  • 3 Hours of Topgolf gameplay with TopTracer technology to record scores
  • Side-by-side bays reserved exclusively for your group
  • Lifetime Memberships for all event guests
  • Complimentary clubs
  • Customizable food & beverage menus
  • Dedicated events ambassador & gameplay demonstration/safety instruction

Birthday Parties (12+ Guests): Plan the ultimate birthday celebration for large or smaller groups at Topgolf. Choose from a range of packages to make your birthday extra special.

Kids Parties (12+ Guests): Bring the little ones together for an exciting day out at Topgolf. Enjoy special entertainment and menu packages tailored to cater to all the kiddies on their special day.

Team Building & Office Parties (12+ Guests): Create a memorable out-of-office experience with your colleagues at Topgolf Dubai. Whether it’s team building or unwinding after a hard week’s work, Topgolf is the place to be.

Corporate Events (12+ Guests): Corporate events are cool at Topgolf Dubai. Entertain clients, team build, or host your next meeting while enjoying spectacular Marina views with personalized packages that are sure to impress.

Large Events (17+ Guests): Make Topgolf the home for your next large event, where everyone can enjoy great food, fully serviced bars, upscale amenities, and competitive fun. The dedicated event staff will create an unforgettable experience for the entire party with a range of experiences & spaces available.

Tournaments @ Topgolf (12+ Guests): Topgolf’s tournament style is social and exciting, offering a unique twist to the traditional on-course golf tournament. With day or evening play, no rain-outs or weather delays, and fun for all skill levels, it’s an ideal choice for competitive entertainment.

How to Play: 3 EASY STEPS

Credits: Ana Castro Guimarães / Google Maps
  1. Buy an AED 20 membership in the venue to play, if you don’t have one already. You’ll use this membership every time you play Topgolf as it tells our golf balls who scored. Your Membership Card is mandatory with every visit.
  2. Head to your bay and swipe each player’s membership card or enter your phone number on the screen if associated with your membership.
  3. Select the amount of time you/your group want to rent the bay (one-hour minimum) and get ready to play. You can always add more time at your bay. Oh, and eat, drink, laugh, and have a ball!

You may also share your experience on social media with #TopgolfDubai, and get featured on their social wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Topgolf?

Topgolf Dubai is a sports entertainment complex that offers an inclusive, high-tech golf game suitable for everyone. With 96 hitting bays, outstanding food, music, and a vibrant atmosphere, Topgolf ensures an energetic experience for all guests.

2. What makes Topgolf so high-tech?

Topgolf’s patented technology tracks your golf ball’s score based on the target it enters. Additionally, Topgolf venues are equipped with Toptracer technology, providing real-time flight path tracing and detailed insights into your shots.

3. Can I book a bay?

Yes, you can reserve a bay at an additional cost by visiting Secure your preferred day and time, and you’ll be given priority access to the next available bay during your booking.

4. Are your prices per bay or per person?

Topgolf pricing is per bay, per hour, allowing up to six people per bay. You can extend your game time at an additional cost if desired.

5. Do you provide clubs or must I bring my own?

Every bay includes complimentary sets of Ladies’ and Men’s golf clubs. Left-handed clubs and kids’ clubs are also available upon request.

6. Is there an age limit?

Topgolf Dubai welcomes guests of all ages and abilities. Those under 16 must be supervised by a guest aged 21+, and after 9 PM, guests under 18 must also be supervised by a guest aged 21+.

7. Do you have parking?

Yes, Topgolf Dubai provides general parking for all guests, as well as a convenient taxi drop-off and pick-up area.

8. Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Topgolf Dubai is wheelchair accessible, with elevators to all floors and a venue entrance suitable for wheelchairs and prams.


Topgolf Dubai is more than just a golfing destination; it’s a hub of excitement and enjoyment for people of all ages and interests.

With its cutting-edge technology, energetic ambiance, and a range of entertainment options, Topgolf Dubai creates an unparalleled experience for its visitors.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, planning a corporate event, or simply looking for a fun day out, Topgolf Dubai has something to offer everyone.

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