Dubai Marina Day & Night

The Dubai Marina is a man-made canal district in Dubai filled with plenty of skyscrapers and yachts. This is a famous spot where residents go and for tourists to see the wonder of modern Dubai. The buildings are composed of residential and commercial towers and this area is built built along a 3-kilometer stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. It’s big!

marina dubaiyachts in Dubai Marina – all shapes and sizes

dubai marina skyscrapersbuildings are all shapes and sizes too!

Dubai Marina Photos

For tourists and photography enthusiasts, it’s a great place to go. Plenty of photos online can be found about Dubai with this as the feature picture. Actually, Dubai has lots of amazing photos because of how the city was built in the desert. The marina is one of them.

We went there on an afternoon so we could see the place when there’s light and when it’s dark.

dubai marina buildingstowering buildings

You will admire (and feel small with all) the buildings surrounding you. There are plenty of luxury yachts in Dubai marina as well that you will see the side of New Dubai when you’re here.

view dubai marinaThe Dubai Marina mall (on the right)

yachts and boatsyachts, dhows and boats

There are many restaurants and shops (Dubai Marina Mall is there) available so you can go and have dinner with friends and family while enjoying the view.

You can see people jogging and exercising (even at night). Plenty of the residents in the Dubai Marina are expats.

Dubai Marina Photos at Night

The Dubai Marina shifts to a different atmosphere at it becomes alive at night. The lights from the buildings showcases the wonder of this water city!

marina walk nightDubai Marina at night

dubai marina view asia asiaDining from Asia Asia restaurant in Pier 7 tower

dubai marina nightnight view of the marina

Go on an adventure and admire the beauty of this wonder district in Dubai! It’s a nice place to bring visitors of the UAE. You can simply head to the Dubai Marina walk and enjoy the view!

How to Get There:

Ride the metro and stop at the DAMAC metro station or Dubai Marina Mall.
Walk from the metro towards the Marina Walk area. You can simply ask people where the marina area is.

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