How to Upgrade Your Car Plate

There are different modes of transport in Dubai, but if you drive a car, you’ll need to upgrade your plate soon. The Roads of Transport Authority (RTA) recently announced that all motorists with owned registered number plates from A – Z should upgrade these to the new design.

Car owners with owned registered number plates can now go to any RTA-affiliated vehicle testing and registration centre to upgrade their plates. Meanwhile, motorists who have unowned number plates with codes A – C can upgrade to the new design starting May 2018.

Car owners in Dubai need to upgrade their plates.

Guide to Upgrading Your Car Plate

According to RTA, car plates will be upgraded in phases over the next 2 years (see Infographic below). Starting January 2019, plates with codes D – I need to be replaced. Plates with codes J – O should be replaced starting January 2020, whereas plates with codes P – Z need to be replaced starting January 2021.

The new plate design
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Notably, those who have owned number plates can upgrade now by following these steps:

#1Log in to the RTA website.

#2 – Enter your vehicle and plate details.

#3 – Choose a plate style.

#4 – Add the coloured Dubai logo (for an extra cost).

#5 – Indicate the RTA centre where you can exchange your current plate for the new one.

#6 – Pay for the service fee. The total cost will depend on the plate’s size, colour, and design:

  • Short Plate: AED 35
  • Long Plate: AED 50
  • Sticker: AED 10
  • Luxury Plate: AED 500
  • Dubai Logo: AED 400 (for new plate numbers)
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Don’t forget to upgrade your car plate soon! On the other hand, if you are planning to apply for a driving license in Dubai, here’s our guide to getting a driver’s license, which you will need to renew every 5 years while residing in the emirate.