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dental check up budget dubai

All OFWs and other expats in Dubai who are earning a monthly salary of AED 3500 and below, a dental clinic in Dubai is offering a 90 percent discount on dental care with free consultation and first CT free of charge. Dubai-based Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic has launched its latest CSR initiative, Fair… Read More

the beach jbr exercise

It can be a struggle to balance work, home and daily life. Keeping our bodies fit and healthy can sometimes be more of an afterthought than an active process. If you’re finding it difficult, here are three quick tips to help you help yourself, from a glass of water to a set of press ups… Read More

When it comes to food safety, the UAE government takes its job very seriously. Earlier this year, the Dubai Municipality banned several products that have “questionable” ingredients, including a certain brand of coffee and a number of slimming capsules. To serve the people of Dubai even better, the agency recently launched a new app: the Food… Read More

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is currently taking the entire city by storm. More and more people are joining this healthy initiative and getting some exercise! The excitement continues as DFC is set to take place at Burj Park this weekend. Picture this: jogging, cycling, and joining aerobics sessions — with the amazing Burj Khalifa and… Read More

Announcement to all the ladies! Selected malls across Dubai and the UAE are offering free health screenings for women this September and October. The free health checks are part of “Feel the Beat,” a heart health awareness campaign that is being conducted in all Majid Al Futtaim shopping malls. The campaign seeks to spread awareness… Read More

The Ministry of Health and Prevention in Dubai has issued warnings against the use of six counterfeit pharmaceutical products. These contain undisclosed substances that could put the health of some people at risk. Specifically, the substances in these products could lead to an acute reduction in a person’s blood pressure. These also pose a risk… Read More


Trying out some Dymatize fitness supplements after they arrived from delivery today. The team from Sporter.com are always reliable in terms of their service in delivering ordered items. They call you first to make sure you’re at home or at your office so you can get your package first-hand. Here are some products from Dymatize… Read More