25 Best Sofa Stores in Dubai, UAE

Nothing can be just as satisfying after a long day than sinking into the comfort of a plush sofa and indulging in some well-deserved relaxation. In Dubai, a city renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and impeccable taste, finding the perfect sofa to complement your living space is a top priority. Luckily, Dubai is home to a plethora of the best sofa stores that cater to a diverse range of styles and preferences.

With their exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials, and attention to detail, these stores have earned their reputation as go-to destinations for those seeking the pinnacle of comfort, style, and sophistication. Let us delve into the world of the best sofa stores in Dubai such as Gautier, Indigo Living, and Ashgar, just to name a few, where you can discover the ideal centerpiece for your living room, one that combines both exquisite design and unparalleled comfort.

1. Casanova Furniture Main Branch

Contact number: +97143474577
Address: Exit 40 – Showroom 1, Al Sayyah Building – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Casanova Furniture Main Branch, a renowned name in the realm of exquisite furniture, stands as a beacon of sophistication and style in Dubai.

With a keen understanding of customer demand and an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of public trends, CASA|NOVA consistently delivers the best of modern-day living to its discerning clientele.

Specializing in sofa and seating furniture, Casanova Furniture Main Branch offers an extensive range of products that embody both luxury and comfort.

Their collection showcases a fusion of modern, contemporary, and classic styles, curated from international relationships with renowned brands and top interior designers.

By maintaining these esteemed connections, Casanova Furniture Main Branch ensures that their customers have access to the most sought-after and cutting-edge designs in the market.

Setting themselves apart from the competition, Casanova Furniture Main Branch goes beyond mere product offerings.

They provide client-specific turn-key solutions through their design center, tailoring their services to meet individual needs and preferences.

This personalized approach enables them to create bespoke living spaces that exude elegance and sophistication.

Notably, Casanova Furniture Main Branch proudly supplies leading Italian furniture brands such as Porada, Cattelan Italia, Calia Italia, Leolux, Arketipo, Gallotti & Radice, and more, solidifying their position as a trusted provider of high-quality furniture in the Middle East.

With a commitment to exceptional quality, style, and service, Casanova Furniture Main Branch continues to elevate the standards of modern living, leaving an indelible mark on the UAE market and garnering an international reputation for excellence.

2. Poltrona Frau UAE

Contact number: +971563988266
Address: 653 Jumeirah St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Poltrona Frau, the epitome of Italian high-end furniture, has been creating exquisite pieces since 1912.

With a dedication to craftsmanship and a passion for timeless design, Poltrona Frau produces handmade furniture that is built to last for generations.

Specializing in sofas and seating furniture, Poltrona Frau offers a range of products that exude understated elegance.

Each piece is meticulously crafted with love in Italy, using the finest materials available.

From luxurious leather to plush fabrics, their seating furniture embodies both comfort and style, creating an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere in any space.

Beyond their product offerings, Poltrona Frau also focuses on providing global living solutions.

They develop custom interiors for both private and public spaces, ensuring that each project reflects the unique personality and vision of their clients.

Additionally, the brand extends its expertise to luxury travel interiors, catering to the needs of discerning travelers who seek comfort and refinement even on the go.

Poltrona Frau positions itself as the ultimate aspirational brand in international markets.

Renowned for their exceptional handcraft, premium materials, aesthetic sensibility, and reliable services, they engage customers through both physical and digital channels.

Their commitment to sustainability ensures that their furniture not only satisfies emotional and aspirational needs but also aligns with environmentally conscious practices.

For those seeking sophistication and a touch of Italian elegance in their living spaces, Poltrona Frau offers a truly exceptional experience.

With their rich heritage and unwavering dedication to quality, they continue to captivate a sophisticated international clientele who appreciate the finest in luxury furniture.

3. Art and Craft Furniture

Contact number: +97143470656
Address: Al Quoz 4, Al Asayel Street Road no 318 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Art & Craft Furniture is a renowned provider of fashionable Industrial furniture, Antique furniture, Solid wood furniture, wooden furniture, vintage furniture, and furniture sets.

With a passion for craftsmanship and design, they are dedicated to developing exceptional products that exude style and functionality.

The company takes pride in their extensive range of sofa and seating furniture, which serves as the focal point of any living space.

At Art & Craft Furniture, their product offerings are carefully curated to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re seeking contemporary designs or classic elegance, their collection encompasses a wide variety of styles to suit every individual’s needs.

The company’s commitment to quality is evident in their selection of materials, with a focus on Mango and Acacia wood.

These types of wood are highly sought after due to their remarkable grain variations, superior strength, and impeccable finish characteristics.

In addition to their exceptional product range, Art & Craft Furniture goes above and beyond by providing a number of outstanding services.

Their team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering personalized customer experiences and ensuring customer satisfaction.

From assistance with choosing the perfect furniture pieces to customized design solutions, Art & Craft Furniture is committed to meeting the unique needs of each client.

4. Gautier Furniture Dubai

Contact number: +97143881336
Address: Showroom #6, Al Rostamani Business Center – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Safa – Al Safa 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Visit their Gautier stores to explore their extensive range of French-made contemporary furniture.

Their collections encompass various areas of your home, including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and storage solutions.

Immerse yourself in their stylish and innovative designs that perfectly blend form and function.

One of the highlights of Gautier’s product offerings is their exceptional selection of sofas and seating furniture.

Experience the ultimate in comfort and sophistication as you sink into their luxurious sofas, carefully crafted to provide both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic support.

Their seating options cater to a diverse range of styles and preferences, ensuring that you can find the perfect centerpiece for your living space.

In addition to their remarkable seating options, Gautier also offers an array of decorative items that add a touch of elegance to any room.

From accent chairs to coffee tables, their decorative pieces elevate the overall ambiance and create a harmonious environment.

Gautier takes pride in their space-saving solutions, which are ideal for maximizing the functionality of smaller spaces.

Explore their range of innovative products, including cupboard beds, retractable beds, compact beds, mezzanine beds, and bunk beds, all designed to optimize space without compromising on style or comfort.

When you visit Gautier, their dedicated team of sales advisors will be available to assist you in bringing your furnishing project to life.

They offer personalized consultations and can guide you through the process with the help of 3D plans, ensuring that your vision is translated into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

5. Decoart Dubai

Contact number: +97143927711
Address: 2 Umm Suqeim St – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

DecoArt, known as one of the best Interior Design Companies in Dubai, offers a range of interior decor solutions and operates furniture shops that specialize in creating a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetics and modern design concepts.

They prioritize customer ideals and cultural preferences while ensuring uncompromising comfort and quality.

Established in 1989, DecoArt first unveiled its impressive collection of classic furniture at its flagship retail showroom located in Dubai’s historic Za’abeel district.

Building on its success in the classical furniture market, DecoArt expanded its offerings to include modern collections and opened a standalone showroom spanning 21,000 square feet, showcasing both classic and contemporary interiors.

To enhance their market position in the local and MENA furniture markets, DecoArt established its own Carpentry, Joinery, and Upholstery Divisions, further bolstering its capabilities and craftsmanship.

Today, DecoArt boasts an extensive collection of international classic and contemporary furniture products, along with a wide range of decorative accessories, textiles, wallpapers, and lighting options.

Their team takes pride in their expertise in wood grain selection, joinery, hand skills, and maintenance, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in every furniture piece they create.

In addition to their own remarkable furniture line, DecoArt’s expansive showroom proudly showcases the largest and most prestigious global furniture brands, bringing unrivaled opulence and aesthetics closer to the region.

Driven by a passion for delivering transcendent furniture experiences, DecoArt aims to extend its reach across the MENA and global regions, making their mark in the homes of clients seeking extraordinary design and craftsmanship.

6. Roche Bobois

Contact number: +97143990393
Address: Hassanicor – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

French brand Roche Bobois is a world leader of high-end furniture design and distribution.

Working closely with renowned designers and with Haute Couture fashion houses, Roche Bobois offers a broad range of exclusive made-to-order designs, manufactured with a high level of customization in small European workshops.

Our full collection of premium-quality furniture includes sofas, armchairs, cocktail tables, dining chairs, sideboards, beds, wardrobes, storage, and accessories including lighting, cushions, and rugs.

Every piece in the Roche Bobois collection exemplifies the brand’s commitment to innovative design, meticulous craftsmanship, and unparalleled comfort.

From sleek and contemporary to timeless classics, our sofas and seating furniture are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.

Each design is carefully conceptualized to harmonize with diverse interior styles, allowing customers to create personalized living spaces that reflect their unique taste and preferences.

Roche Bobois understands that true luxury lies in the ability to customize, and as such, offers an extensive selection of luxurious upholstery options, finishes, and configurations.

Whether you desire sumptuous leather, opulent fabrics, or a combination of materials, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

With Roche Bobois, you can transform your living room into an oasis of comfort and elegance, where every piece of furniture tells a story of sophistication and refinement.

7. VOX Furniture UAE

Contact number: +97142247266
Address: Dubai Festival Plaza – Jebel Ali Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

VOX Furniture UAE, both an online and in-store destination, offers an extensive range of home furniture that caters to every member of the family.

From their specialized product lines, namely Baby VOX, Young VOX, and Home VOX, they provide furniture solutions for various spaces such as baby rooms, kids and teen rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas.

With an emphasis on exquisite design and functionality, VOX Furniture ensures that their products enhance the aesthetics and comfort of any home.

One of the standout offerings from VOX Furniture is their collection of sofas and seating furniture.

Designed with a combination of elegance and simplicity, their pieces exude a timeless appeal.

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary styles, VOX Furniture provides a wide selection of sofas and seating options to suit diverse preferences and interior design themes.

From plush loungers to sleek sectional sofas, their range offers a perfect balance of comfort and style.

At VOX Furniture, customer satisfaction is a top priority.

They understand the importance of prompt delivery and convenience.

For items that are in stock, customers can expect their purchases to be delivered within 3-5 days.

In the case of pre-orders, products are shipped from Poland and typically arrive within 45-50 days, with wall and flooring options requiring 65-70 days for shipping.

By choosing VOX Furniture, customers not only acquire stunning furniture pieces but also the freedom to create a beautifully personalized space that reflects their unique taste and style.

With their commitment to meeting real human needs and a minimalist approach, VOX Furniture empowers individuals to curate their dream home environment.

Whether you’re furnishing a nursery, a child’s room, or revamping your living space, VOX Furniture is dedicated to providing exceptional products that enhance the ambiance and comfort of every home.

8. Baituti Home

Contact number: +97143466932
Address: Jumeirah 3, Beside Offshore Sailing Club, Post Box -1038 – Jumeirah St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Baituti Home, a division of Bin Hendi Enterprises, is a design concept that aims to provide exquisite furniture solutions for both residential and commercial spaces in the region.

With a rich heritage in the UAE, Baituti Home has established itself as a prominent player in the industry.

Over 20 years ago, their flagship store on Jumeirah Road opened its doors, and since then, they have been synonymous with high-end, design-led furniture.

At Baituti Home, their primary focus is on offering a remarkable selection of sofas and seating furniture.

They understand the importance of these pieces in creating comfortable and stylish living spaces.

With a keen eye for design, they curate a range of products that cater to different tastes and preferences, ensuring that each piece reflects the utmost elegance and sophistication.

Baituti Home has formed a strong partnership with renowned brands such as B&B Italia, mdf italia, Glas Italia, Flos, and Louis Poulsen.

This collaboration allows them to provide customers with access to exceptional furniture pieces crafted by some of the most esteemed designers in the industry.


Contact number: +97148830000
Address: Green Community – Street 3, Community 598 Unit 1, Dar Global Showroom, Dubai Investment Park – 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Cozy Home, where comfort and style converge to create the perfect ambiance for your living spaces, is  founded by Aksana Demakina, whose passion for interior design was inspired by her mother’s expertise in the field, Cozy Home is dedicated to bringing the best of European design to the UAE.

Specializing in sofas and seating furniture, Cozy Home understands the importance of creating a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation and fosters a sense of well-being.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality, each piece in their collection is meticulously curated to offer both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Drawing inspiration from nature and her extensive travels, Aksana ensures that Cozy Home showcases a diverse range of styles, from the timeless elegance of European classics to contemporary designs that embody modern sophistication.

Whether you prefer plush and luxurious upholstery or sleek and minimalist silhouettes, Cozy Home has something to suit every taste and preference.

By combining comfort, functionality, and exquisite craftsmanship, Cozy Home strives to transform your living spaces into havens of comfort and beauty.

Their attention to detail, commitment to customer satisfaction, and dedication to offering an exceptional shopping experience sets them apart as one of the leading destinations for premium sofa and seating furniture in the UAE.

10. KARE

Contact number: +97146097600
Address: Ground Floor, Festival Plaza Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

KARE, a renowned furniture retailer, provides customers with a truly unique shopping experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

With a special focus on sofa and seating furniture, KARE offers an extensive range of products that blend exceptional design with utmost comfort.

At KARE, customers can expect a seamless and enjoyable shopping process.

From the moment they step into the store or browse the online catalog, they are greeted by a curated selection of exquisite sofas and seating options that cater to various tastes and preferences.

The collection encompasses a wide range of styles, from contemporary and modern to classic and eclectic, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect piece to complement their interior decor.

What truly sets KARE apart is their unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at KARE are always ready to assist, providing personalized recommendations and guidance to help customers make informed decisions.

In addition, KARE offers hassle-free returns and comprehensive warranties, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Beyond the exceptional products and service, KARE rewards its customers with numerous benefits.

These include special promotions, exclusive offers, and loyalty programs, creating a rewarding experience for loyal patrons.

11. Indigo Living

Contact number: +97143284502
Address: RSMB Villa Compound – Villa 10 – 11 – Al Wasl Rd – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Indigo Living, an esteemed home furnishing retailer and interior design service provider, has captivated the hearts of customers across Asia and the Middle East for more than four decades.

With a remarkable presence of 11 stores, in-house furniture design and styling teams, as well as an expert interior design team, Indigo Living stands as the epitome of innovation and creativity in the industry.

Focusing on their exceptional product offerings, particularly sofas and seating furniture, Indigo Living takes pride in curating beautiful, versatile, and smart interior solutions that are both unique and on-trend.

Their commitment to quality ensures that every piece is designed to endure, guaranteeing longevity and satisfaction for their discerning clientele.

Indigo Living’s mission goes beyond providing stunning furnishings; they aim to inspire lives through the creation of beautiful interiors.

Drawing inspiration from design, trends, and the surrounding environment, they strive to ignite the imaginations of their customers, allowing them to develop their own refined sense of style and express themselves in ways that resonate with their personal aesthetics.

With an unwavering passion for their craft, Indigo Living firmly believes that everyone has the ability to live beautifully.

Their dedication to making this belief a reality shines through in every aspect of their work.

From meticulously crafted designs to the use of exquisite materials and thoughtful finishing touches, Indigo Living embodies elegance and empowers individuals to transform their spaces into stunning havens.

12. The Odd Piece

Contact number: +97143791217
Address: Alserkal Avenue Unit 65 Street 8 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

The Odd Piece, a renowned luxury furniture showroom in Dubai, presents an exquisite collection of captivating pieces that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with vintage charm.

With a focus on mid-century modern and luxury furniture, they curate a diverse range of seating options, including sofas, to meet the discerning tastes of their clientele.

In addition to their main offerings of sofa and seating furniture, The Odd Piece also showcases an extensive selection of antiques, contemporary pieces, and home accessories that exemplify exceptional design, craftsmanship, and character.

Established in 2013 by visionary Saudi entrepreneur Arwa Hafiz, The Odd Piece has established itself as a prominent destination for those seeking unique and inspiring furnishings.

Their spacious, two-level gallery is located in the vibrant art quarter of Al Serkal Avenue, serving as a haven for furniture enthusiasts and interior design connoisseurs alike.

Whether you’re searching for a statement sofa or looking to add the finishing touches to your living space with decorative interior pieces and homeware, The Odd Piece offers a diverse range of options that are sure to transform any room into a truly remarkable and inviting haven.

With their meticulous curation and dedication to quality, The Odd Piece has become synonymous with unparalleled style and sophistication in the world of luxury furniture.

13. Marina Home Interiors

Contact number: +97143999881
Address: Umm Suqeim St – Al Barsha 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Marina Home, an esteemed upscale home furnishings brand, has established itself as a household name across the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.

With 20 large-format showrooms spread across 13 cities worldwide, including five active franchises, Marina Home has redefined the retail experience with its commitment to quality, creativity, and innovation.

Step into one of Marina Home’s distinctive showrooms located in major malls and popular high street locations, and you’ll find yourself immersed in an eclectic destination of exploration and discovery.

Pioneering the warehouse-showroom concept two decades ago, Marina Home quickly became an iconic landmark in the industry.

Today, the brand continues to evolve and reinvent itself, seamlessly blending the urban and exotic to create a unique personality that captivates customers.

At Marina Home, the promise is an escape from the ordinary. With a flair for artistic expression, the brand offers a diverse range of contrasting designs that challenge conventions and tailor trends.

Each visit to Marina Home is an invitation to embark on an individual path of discovery, where the unexpected becomes a source of inspiration.

The brand’s collection reflects a fusion of global influences, bringing together unique fragments of life stories from around the world.

Marina Home understands that your home is more than just a physical space; it’s a canvas on which you can celebrate your own journey and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

14. East Coast Furniture

Contact number: +971567475286
Address: 2020 Building, office no. M205 – 488 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Quoz 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

East Coast Furniture, a trusted online furniture store, is a leading destination for individuals seeking high-quality sofa and seating furniture in Dubai.

As one of the best furniture stores in the city, East Coast Furniture offers a wide range of products, catering to various styles and preferences.

With their user-friendly website and seamless online shopping experience, East Coast Furniture makes it incredibly convenient for customers to browse and purchase furniture from the comfort of their own homes.

As the largest online furniture store in Dubai, they provide an extensive selection of cheap furniture options, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

At East Coast Furniture, customers can expect to find an impressive collection of sofas and seating furniture that are designed to meet the highest standards.

From contemporary and sleek designs to timeless classics, their range encompasses a variety of styles to suit different tastes and interior aesthetics.

The store takes pride in offering furniture that is not only affordable but also showcases top-level craftsmanship and exquisite design.

Whether one is looking for a luxurious statement piece or a practical and comfortable sofa, East Coast Furniture ensures that their products are of superior quality and provide long-lasting durability.

With discounts of up to 45%, East Coast Furniture remains the go-to online destination for individuals in search of the best deals on furniture in Dubai.

15. Asghar Furniture

Contact number: +97145787158
Address: 1004 & 1005B, JVC, Prime Business Centre – Jumeirah Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Asghar Furniture LLC is a leading furniture brand in Dubai, offering a wide range of exquisite sofa and seating furniture options.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Asghar Furniture follows a Direct-to-Customer sales approach, ensuring that their products reach customers directly without intermediaries.

One of the key strengths of Asghar Furniture is their in-house manufacturing capabilities, allowing them to have complete control over the production process.

This enables them to maintain superior quality standards and deliver products that are crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Their expertise in furniture manufacturing is reflected in their sofa and seating furniture offerings, which showcase both stylish designs and exceptional comfort.

To ensure convenience and accessibility, Asghar Furniture has established an eCommerce website that serves as a user-friendly platform for customers to browse and purchase their desired furniture pieces.

In addition to their online presence, Asghar Furniture also operates their own retail stores, providing a physical shopping experience for customers who prefer to see and feel the products before making a purchase.

16. Frato

Contact number: +97143998808
Address: Unit FF – 109 – Financial Center Rd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Frato’s product offerings, mainly focused on sofas and seating furniture, showcase their commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and style.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of cultures worldwide, Frato creates a unique international aesthetic that sets them apart.

Their designs seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elements, resulting in interior pieces that are both timeless and sophisticated.

What sets Frato apart is their unwavering attention to detail and their use of premium materials. Every piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity.

The brand’s origins as a high-end jewelry house are reflected in their furniture designs, with an emphasis on heritage shapes and elevated features.

Each creation exudes an air of elegance and refinement, elevating any space it graces.

As a family-run business, Frato values the personal touch and strong bonds with their artisans and craftsmen.

The name “Frato” itself is a testament to their familial values, derived from the founder’s two sons and symbolizing “fraternity.”

This familial approach extends to every individual involved in the design and manufacturing process, making them an integral part of the Frato family.

17. The Attic Furniture

Contact number: +971565069998
Address: Warehouse 55 First Al Khail St – Al Quoz – Industrial Area 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

The Attic, a Dubai-based independent furniture boutique, offers a captivating array of handcrafted and unique home décor items, with a particular focus on their impressive selection of sofas and seating furniture.

Their product offerings encompass a delightful mix of bohemian, antique, retro industrial, and recycled wooden chic designs, creating an eclectic blend of styles that caters to diverse tastes.

With a commitment to providing efficient and professional service, The Attic goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Each product is meticulously hand-picked to meet the discerning tastes of their clientele and to align with their own convictions.

The boutique’s dedication to the environment is evident, as they prioritize sustainability by utilizing responsibly sourced materials and supporting local artisans and craftsmen.

What sets The Attic apart is their belief that exceptional quality and style should be accessible to all.

They strive to offer “good value” combined with the “thrill of the hunt,” creating an experience that proves luxury does not have to be unattainable.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy vintage-inspired sofa or a unique statement piece for your living space, The Attic invites you to indulge in the pleasure of discovering affordable, handcrafted furniture that adds charm and character to your home.

18. Ambiance Furniture

Contact number: +971505048526
Address: Umm Hurair Rd – Al Karama – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Ambiance Furniture, established in Dubai in 1995 and revamped in 2013, is a premier showroom specializing in exquisite home furnishings.

With a primary focus on sofa and seating furniture, Ambiance offers a curated selection of high-quality, stylish, and elegant products sourced from esteemed Italian and European suppliers.

Driven by a strong company culture, Ambiance Furniture operates with a clear Vision, Mission, and Values Statement.

These guiding principles shape the foundation of their operations, ensuring that every employee embodies the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The company strives to foster a workplace that promotes work-life balance, valuing its employees as their greatest assets.

By creating a supportive environment, Ambiance encourages its team to connect with customers, communicate freely, and find joy in both their professional and personal lives.

At Ambiance Furniture, they understand that finding the perfect home décor solution is no easy task.

That’s why they have established strategic alliances with renowned suppliers, ensuring that customers have access to a diverse range of top-notch products that combine comfort and style flawlessly.

Whether it’s a sleek contemporary sofa or a timeless classic piece, Ambiance Furniture offers an extensive selection to suit various design preferences and complement any living space.

19. Designitch

Contact number: +97143219350
Address: 7 – 9 24 A St – Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Designitch is a prominent furniture store in Dubai that stands out for its exceptional range of modern and contemporary offerings.

With a vast collection of furniture, lighting, accessories, and more, they have become a go-to destination for those seeking European designer brands.

At Designitch, customers can explore a diverse selection of sofa and seating furniture, which forms a significant part of their product offerings.

Their curated collection showcases the best of European design, featuring renowned brands known for their innovation and craftsmanship.

From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and statement-making pieces, Designitch offers a wide array of options to suit various styles and preferences.

Each sofa and seating furniture piece at Designitch is meticulously chosen to ensure the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

Whether it’s a luxurious leather sofa, a contemporary modular sectional, or a cozy armchair, customers can expect a fusion of comfort and style in every piece.

The attention to detail and fine craftsmanship are evident in the design and construction of each item, guaranteeing durability and longevity.

20. THE One Al Quoz Theatre

Contact number: +971600541007
Address: Junction 3 Sheikh Zayed Road – 4th St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

THE One Total Home Experience (THE One) is a leading home furnishing brand that has established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking affordable yet stylish furniture and accessories.

With a strong presence in 8 countries across the Middle East and North Africa, including 27 stores and boutiques, as well as a Bistro, THE One offers a comprehensive range of products to enhance every living space.

Specializing in sofa and seating furniture, THE One’s collections are designed to provide customers with a total home experience.

Their offerings go beyond mere functionality, incorporating fashionable designs that cater to various tastes and interior styles.

With new collections introduced throughout the year, customers can continuously discover fresh and exciting options to update and enhance their living spaces.

Founded in the UAE in 1996 by Thomas Lundgren, THE One remains committed to its core purpose of “Changing the World Together.”

The brand actively engages with its staff, suppliers, customers, and communities to make a positive impact.

They support numerous local and international charities and are dedicated to providing employment opportunities for physically and mentally challenged individuals.

With a focus on affordability, style, and social responsibility, THE One stands out as a brand that not only offers quality sofa and seating furniture but also strives to create a positive difference in the world.

21. Sofa Master Dubai

Contact number: +97143337211
Address: Warehouse No 34, Al Kawakib properties Compound, Opp Dubai Driving School – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Sofa Master, a renowned provider in the realm of interior design, offers a comprehensive range of products and services to elevate the ambiance of your home, office, or any space you desire.

Recognizing the significance of sofas and curtains as essential accessories in any decor, Sofa Master prides itself on delivering nothing short of exceptional quality.

As a trusted manufacturer and provider, Sofa Master understands the importance of meeting customers’ diverse needs, making it their utmost priority to offer a wide array of services including sofa upholstery, reupholstering, repair, refurbishment, as well as carpets, flooring, and furniture solutions.

By keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trends, they ensure their designs are contemporary and in line with the ever-evolving preferences of their clientele.

With a specialization in providing a luxurious blend of items such as sofas, curtains, furniture, and carpet tiles, Sofa Master is a one-stop shopping destination for homeowners seeking to create a cohesive and tasteful interior.

Their mission is to deliver superior quality products, enabling customers to customize their spaces according to their unique tastes and budgets.

Moreover, Sofa Master takes pride in offering personalized advice, guiding customers towards the most suitable choices that will enhance their interiors.

22. Home and Soul Furniture Trading LLC

Contact number: +971561121444
Address: Al Wasl Road Villa 6 Between Um Al shief and – next to Falcon House Bus stop – Al Manara – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Home and Soul is a trusted home decor and lifestyle concept store in the UAE.

With a focus on sustainability and luxury, Home and Soul offers a wide range of stylish and unique furniture, home decor, and accessories that breathe life into your living spaces.

Led by founder Carol, whose passion for travel, culture, and conscious living fuels the brand, Home and Soul has carefully curated an extensive selection of high-quality home decor items.

From wall art to furniture and accents, their collection caters to every aspect of your home, allowing you to express your personality and lifestyle through your living space.

Whether you seek inspiration for garden furniture, living room decor, or furniture for your home or office, Home and Soul has the perfect piece to match your style.

Their experienced staff is dedicated to assisting you in finding the ideal home decor item that completes your space.

At Home and Soul, they take pride in providing top-notch home decor items at competitive prices.

Whether you’re shopping for your own home, clients, or a commercial project, Home and Soul is your go-to destination for all your home decor needs.

Experience the transformative power of their products and infuse your home with soulful elegance.

23. Antonovich Home

Contact number: +971588812020
Address: Al Wasl Road, Al Badaa, Dubai Unit no. 4, Bldg. Plot No, 333-1103 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Antonovich Home, under the visionary leadership of its Chief Designer and Architect, has launched a remarkable furniture line collection at the esteemed KA Furniture Showroom in Dubai.

Renowned for their expertise in architectural and interior design, Antonovich Home now extends their creativity and passion to the realm of furniture design, particularly focusing on sofas and seating furniture.

Drawing inspiration from extensive research, global exploration, and artistic vision, Antonovich Home has meticulously crafted each furniture piece to embody beauty, elegance, and functionality.

With a commitment to excellence, they employ advanced techniques and adhere to stringent standards throughout the production process, ensuring the highest quality and durability of their creations.

Antonovich Home takes pride in offering exclusive, luxurious, and customized furniture designs.

Their KA Furniture collection showcases a perfect blend of artistry and style, resulting in exquisite pieces that reflect pure passion and meticulous craftsmanship.

A visit to the KA Furniture Showroom is a must for those seeking the epitome of sophistication in furniture.

The showroom’s exterior displays an enchanting allure, with its elegant blend of metallic gold, premium materials, and captivating lighting effects.

Step inside and be prepared to be captivated by the array of sofas and seating furniture that await, each a testament to Antonovich Home’s unwavering dedication to creating furniture that transcends ordinary design.

Discover the world of Antonovich Home at the KA Furniture Showroom and experience the embodiment of luxury, artistry, and refined taste in every sofa and seating furniture piece.

24. Casa Lusso Furniture

Contact number: +97143374765
Address: Umm Suqeim St – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Casa Lusso Furniture, a homegrown brand in the UAE, boasts a remarkable heritage of over 30 years in the country’s furniture industry.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Casa Lusso Furniture has established itself as a premier destination for those seeking exquisite and contemporary furniture solutions.

Their expertise lies particularly in the realm of sofas and seating furniture, where they showcase a diverse range of offerings designed to elevate any living or workspace.

At Casa Lusso Furniture, customers can expect nothing less than the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Each sofa and seating piece is meticulously crafted to embody both luxury and functionality, resulting in furniture that seamlessly integrates into any interior design concept.

Whether one desires a sleek and minimalist aesthetic or a more opulent and extravagant style, Casa Lusso Furniture offers a curated selection to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

With an unwavering commitment to staying on-trend, Casa Lusso Furniture consistently introduces innovative designs and incorporates the latest materials and technologies into their products.

Their collection showcases a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair, ensuring that every piece resonates with modern sensibilities while maintaining enduring appeal.

Whether furnishing a private residence, office, or commercial space, Casa Lusso Furniture presents a comprehensive range of sofa and seating options that effortlessly merge style and comfort.

25. Ikonhouse

Contact number: +97143881848
Address: Alserkal Avenue – 85 6 C Street – Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Google Map Location:

Ikonhouse, a distinctive lifestyle retail concept, stands out as the ultimate destination for those in search of curated, branded original designs and state-of-the-art home furnishings.

With a strong emphasis on sofa and seating furniture, Ikonhouse offers a stunning collection that combines unparalleled craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics.

At Ikonhouse, every piece of furniture is carefully selected and crafted using the finest materials, ensuring both durability and timeless elegance.

From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and statement-making creations, their range of sofas and seating furniture caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

Not limited to furniture alone, Ikonhouse also excels in offering cutting-edge lighting, audio-video, and home automation technology, allowing customers to create a harmonious and immersive living space.

Beyond their exceptional product offerings, Ikonhouse takes pride in fostering a sense of community and inspiration.

Through their regular events, including the highly acclaimed Design Talks series, the Ikonhouse team is dedicated to sharing knowledge, sparking creativity, and providing an enriching experience for design enthusiasts.

What Makes Sofas Great Home Investments?

A sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it is an investment in your home. The right sofa can transform your living space, enhance your comfort, and add value to your property.

When considering sofas as home investments, there are several key factors to keep in mind.

Quality Craftsmanship:

  • A great sofa is built to last. Look for sofas made with high-quality materials, such as hardwood frames, durable upholstery fabrics, and robust stitching.
  • Quality craftsmanship ensures that your sofa will withstand daily use and maintain its structural integrity over time.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

  • A sofa should offer exceptional comfort and support.
  • Consider factors like seat depth, cushion density, and backrest height to ensure a comfortable seating experience.
  • Test the sofa in person whenever possible to assess its ergonomics and determine if it suits your individual preferences.

Style and Versatility:

  • A sofa is a significant design element in your home.
  • Choose a style that complements your existing decor and reflects your personal taste.
  • Opting for a timeless design or a versatile color can ensure that your sofa remains visually appealing even as trends change.

Durability and Easy Maintenance:

  • Sofas are subjected to daily wear and tear, including spills, stains, and pet hair.
  • Look for sofas with stain-resistant and easy-to-clean upholstery options.
  • Additionally, consider removable and washable cushion covers, which make maintenance a breeze and extend the lifespan of your investment.

Resale Value:

  • Investing in a high-quality sofa can increase the overall value of your home.
  • Potential buyers appreciate well-maintained, stylish, and comfortable sofas, which can positively impact your property’s resale potential.

Warranty and After-Sales Support:

  • Reputable manufacturers often provide warranties and excellent after-sales support for their sofas.
  • Check the warranty coverage and understand the terms and conditions before making a purchase.
  • This ensures peace of mind and assistance should any issues arise with your investment.

Customization Options:

  • Some sofa brands offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the sofa to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Customization features may include choosing the upholstery material, color, size, or even modular components.
  • Customizing your sofa ensures that it fits perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

Brand Reputation and Reviews:

  • Research the reputation of the sofa brand you are considering.
  • Look for customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of others.
  • A well-established and respected brand is more likely to provide reliable products and services.

Remember, investing in a great sofa is not just about immediate satisfaction; it’s about long-term comfort, durability, and the value it brings to your home.


In conclusion, the best sofa stores in Dubai offer an abundance of options for individuals seeking the perfect furniture pieces to elevate their living spaces.

These stores have established themselves as leaders in the industry, known for their exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail.

Dubai’s reputation for luxury and impeccable taste is reflected in the diverse range of styles and preferences catered to by these stores.

Whether you prefer contemporary designs, classic elegance, or unique statement pieces, the best sofa stores in Dubai provide an extensive selection to suit every individual’s taste.

They understand the importance of finding a sofa that not only offers comfort but also complements the overall aesthetic of your home.


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