The Christmas Tree in Burj Al Arab Looks so Grand and Luxurious!

Check out this grand and luxurious Christmas Tree display at the Burj Al Arab. This luxury hotel in Dubai, dubbed as the only ‘7-star hotel’, shared photos on their social media showcasing their preparations for the holiday season.

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It’s a shiny themed Christmas design at Burj Al Arab which celebrates the grandeur of the hotel. Their Christmas tree, combined with a waterfall that spills into the lobby, measures a height of 28 meters.

Christmas in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

“Throughout the festive season, celebrate the grandeur of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah with the magnificent Christmas tree and a magical waterfall that spills into the lobby – which together, reach a staggering height of 28 metres”

Here’s a video clip showcasing the beautiful decorations inside Burj Al Arab which makes you appreciate it even more.