How to Apply for a China Tourist Visa in Dubai

In case you have plans to visit China from Dubai, you may or may not need to apply for a tourist visa in advance. For Filipinos with UAE residence visa, based on the rules, we still need to secure a visit visa beforehand for tourism purpose. We will talk about how to apply for a tourist visa to one of the biggest and most populated countries in the world: China.

China is one of the most powerful and dynamic countries in the world today. It also features amazing attractions: Forbidden City, Great Wall, and Tiananmen Square, to name a few. If you’re eager to see these wonders, read on to learn about applying for a China tourist visa.

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how to apply for china tourist visa dubai

Guide to Processing a China Tourist Visa in Dubai at VFS Global

To apply for a China tourist visa, take note of the following requirements and procedures. Step #1 – Prepare documents and fill-up the application form. The documents that you need to prepare include:

  • Passport (valid for 6 months)
  • UAE Residence Visa (valid for 3 months)
  • Photo (passport size, white background)
  • No Objection Certificate from sponsor (indicating job, salary, no. of years with company)
  • Plane Ticket (photocopy)
  • Hotel Booking
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Travel Insurance

NOTE: If possible, try to obtain an Invitation Letter from a Chinese citizen that you will visit. This is an optional document, but it increases the likelihood of a visa approval. Upon gathering all of these documents, download the Chinese Visa Application Form and fill it up with your information. Step #2 – Book an appointment.

  • Visit the website of the Chinese Visa Application Service Center.
  • Select “United Arab Emirates – Dubai.”
  • Click on “Quick Access,” scroll down to the “Appointment” section, and then select “Appointment (Application).”
  • Enter your Contact Information (name, contact number, email). Set an appointment Date and Time.
  • Upon setting an appointment, a pop-up window will appear. Click “Confirm” to finalize your schedule. You will receive an SMS and email upon confirming your appointment.
  • Print your schedule and bring it with you on the appointed date.

Step #3 – Go to the visa application center.

  • On your appointed date, go to VFS Global Application Center, the office that handles visa applications in the UAE. Their location and contact information are as follows:

Address: 2nd floor, WAFI Mall, Level 2, Falcon Phase 2, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +971 4 205 5666

  • Pay the visa fee at the cashier in the office. Regular processing (5 working days) costs AED 300, while rush processing (3 working days) costs AED 400.
  • When your passport with the visa stamp is ready, you will receive an SMS from VFS Global. You can now go back to their office to pick-up your passport.

NOTE: In case you miss your appointment, you can arrange to have it re-scheduled. Simply log in to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center again to manage and re-book your appointment. As you can see, getting a China tourist visa is pretty much straightforward, as long as you have the requirements. Meanwhile, if you are planning to go to the United Kingdom or United States, check out our guides on how to apply for a UK tourist visa and US tourist visa in Dubai.

VFS Global Application Center Contact Information for Chinese Visa
Address: 2nd floor, WAFI Mall, Level 2, Falcon Phase 2, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +971 4 205 5666

Google Map Location of VFS Global in WAFI Mall

Below is a guide map to provide directions on how to get to VFS Global office in WAFI Mall. Good luck in the application!

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