Dealing with Depression

Each year we read reports about the number of people who commit suicide due to a myriad of reasons. The suicide rates are quite alarming especially teenagers and those who are depressed are in a situation that they don’t know what to do.

Either they might not have anyone by their side to comfort, convince, guide them, and counsel them in times of serious trouble.

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So, it is very imperative for society to understand why are people depressed and what triggers them the most. What’s more shocking is that even youngsters these days are depressed while some of them would get involved in many substance fits of abuse.

It sends shivers down my spine to realize that our society is unable to help those who are depressed as we have been too self-centered with our own lives and we don’t find the time out of our busy schedule.


1. As people get more and more depressed, they get paranoid and start thinking only about the negative aspects of life.
2. The cost of living is high, many of us have our daily expenses to meet and when one problem gets resolved another problem creeps in.
3. We have an abundance of things to do and I would only blame it on the lifestyle and competition that makes people depressed. A human being is living in an unnatural environment, which may cause us to be dysfunctional.
4. Money is the main factor for us to get depressed. Then comes, family problems, work problems, etc. People who have low self-esteem, who are consistently pessimistic, or who are readily overwhelmed by stress are also prone to depression. Physical changes in the body can also trigger mental health problems such as depression.

What We need to do?

1. Depressed people are not guided in the right way. Sometimes we might not understand what the other person is going through and why they indulge in suicidal activities.
2. A supportive family member or friend can often make a big difference. Consulates have to come up and help those people who are in desperate need of help. They should take steps to provide people with depression with practical help.
3. Frequently calling them and finding out how they are doing will give a lot of relief. All it requires is the time, patience, love, and feelings towards those who are depressed. But the question is who has the time? Sadly, the amount of time is spent indoors at home with your latest gadgets that the world hates social interaction especially now that everyone is practicing social distancing. Maybe when each of us will feel depressed that’s when we will know what depression means.

Note: This article is an opinion piece. If you are in crisis, please seek consultation from a doctor, therapist or a support group. Notably in Dubai, there is a mental health project available called the “The National Campaign for Mental Support” for individuals who may need assistance.

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