Dubai Falcon City Mega Project

The other day, we went to the Mall of the Emirates to meet up with fellow Pinoys in Dubai. We chanced upon an exhibit of the real estate development project. They were going to create a new city in Dubai called Falcon City.

On the exhibit shows the new city with residences and commercial buildings. The city will house replicas of the famous man-made wonders of the world!

falcon city dubai
Falcon City of Dubai, UAE

Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Grand Pyramids, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Empire State of New York City, etc. – all in one city!

We were advised by one of the representatives there that the concept is a bit the same as the one in Las Vegas. The only difference is that these are not miniature sizes but life-sized buildings where people can go inside and then either shop, dine, work or hang around!

falcon city dubai exhibit
exhibit of Falcon City in Mall of the Emirates

It’s a crazy concept and what’s even crazier is that this Mega Project is ideally to finish by 2020! Most of the properties in PHASE 1 of Falcon City were already sold. To think that these structures are still under construction. Dubai is very ambitious with their Burj Khalifa or the Palm Islands. They can build an artificial islands on their own, much more a city on sand.

Here are the major landmarks they’re planning to set up:

Dubai Eiffel Tower – Dubai Grand Pyramids – Dubai Tower of Pisa – Dubai Taj Mahal – Dubai Hanging Gardens – Dubai Great Wall – New York City – Town of Venice – Falcon City Mall – Falcon City Theme Park – Dubai Villas

dubai theme park in falcon city
Theme park surrounded by the Dubai Great Wall

This Falcon City of Dubai project is something to look forward to in the coming years. This is a great tourist spot to envision and with all the many opportunities, more chances of getting jobs for people who are planning to relocate in this area! This makes me excited as I build a foundation here in this desert city.

I’m not sure until when the Falcon City Exhibit will finish in Mall of the Emirates but I suggest you drop by just to admire the beauty of this soon-to-be mega city.

dubai falcon city project
Check out the Falcon City of Dubai

“Invest in the city and gain the world

Discover a world of wonders, leisure, business, cuisine, entertainment and shopping… all within one city. Explore a world of possibilities designed to last for a lifetime. Falcon City offers the heigh of urban living where your workplace could be only a few minutes from your home, and your home could be a world-famous landmark among many other astonishing sites.

The world has come to Dubai and it is all yours to enjoy at the FalconCity!” — from FalconCity. For more details, visit

I’m not sure until when the display is available, but check it out once you have the time to be amazed of the city that already is and what is soon to be.

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