Dubai Looks to Capitalize on Modern-Day Camping Trend

Summer is fast approaching and beaches will become hotter with swarms of people and families, but for people here in the UAE, it’s either there are other summer activities to choose from such as hiking in the mountains, going on a cozy staycation, and then there’s “glamping” or glamorous camping in the desert.

And while others may embrace the simple and practical charm of traditional camping, there are also those who want to combine the relaxing experience in nature and comforts of modern-day equipment and facilities.

Dubai Looks to Capitalize on Modern-Day Camping Trend
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Dubai Gov’t Boosts Tourism Efforts with ‘Glamping’

As most of the Middle Eastern countries including UAE are experiencing a hit with low oil prices, emirates such as Dubai are now looking at other sectors to drive income into the country, and one of the most promising sectors in Dubai is its tourism sector.

In line with this, Dubai is now picking up the “glamping” trend as it offers stays in chic desert trailers, in plush mountainside lodgings and beach camps, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

Through glamping, Dubai looks to expand on its reputation for luxurious city living in combination of its tradition of camping.

With the UAE’s geographic features, camping has been a widely popular activity in the country. However, this isn’t such an easy thing to do when you want to bring the whole family along.

But with the modern-day approach to the traditional pastime favourite, safety and comfort are no longer issues, especially when you’re bringing the kids along to commune with nature.

In 2018, Dubai welcomed a total of 15.9 million visitors, many of whom were drawn to its grand shopping malls, posh hotels, and pristine beaches.

However, there has been a growing trend among tourists and expats of opting to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, which many have come to love about Dubai.

As for the government of Dubai, they hope to increase the number of tourists up to 20 million by 2020, when the emirate hosts the six-month global trade fair, Expo 2020 Dubai.