Filipino Nurse Charged for Murder of Compatriot Loses Appeal Plea in Court

Last year, a Filipino male nurse was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for an altercation that cost the life of his compatriot. The murder was borne out of a misunderstanding influenced by alcohol, when the two went drinking on the night of the incident.

The case of murder, as in anywhere in the world, is dealt with strictly in countries in the Middle East, including the UAE. However, depending on the circumstances and nature of the case, the defendant can file an appeal for a lighter sentence.

Filipino Nurse Charged for Murder of Compatriot Loses Appeal Plea on Court

Asian Nurse Convicted for Murder Denied Appeal Plea in Court

In an update shared by Gulf Today, the Filipino nurse who unintentionally pushed a compatriot, which led to his death, will be deported after the Dubai Court of Appeals upheld its decision to reject his appeal to lower his sentence.

In an earlier report, the defendant got into a heated argument with his compatriot when they were under the influence of alcohol. The argument eventually led to an altercation at the parking lot in Al Satwa area on August 10, 2018, around 1:00 in the morning.

As per investigative reports, the crime happened as the two were walking back to their residence after engaging a Pakistani stranger in sexual activity.

The fight began when the victim insisted not to return home. The argument ended up violently as the Filipino nurse pushed his friend too hard, which caused him to be thrown off and hit his head on the pavement.

The victim was brought to the hospital but eventually died of massive bleeding. After the incident, the case was referred to the Dubai Criminal Court, where the accused was charged with manslaughter and received a sentence of three years imprisonment, to be followed by immediate deportation after trial.

The defendant also filed an appeal at the Dubai Appeals Court for a more lenient punishment, but was rejected when he failed to convince the court.

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