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Free Read. Magazine inside the RTA Metro

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If you want something to read while waiting for the next metro train, better check out Read. Magazine that is being distributed in designated stands inside the metro. I see these stands everyday as I commute and I wondered if these were simply advertisements because they always “run out” of copies when I pass by. Yes, they’re ads, but these are real magazines that you can pick up when your lucky.

This is a weekly magazine about the happenings in Dubai. It’s a quick read fix for me since I am informed about Dubai situations.

When I see a pile of READ magazines in the Dubai Metro, I always make it a point to get a copy for myself. I just like to check out the latest events and happenings in the city. This is also a great time killer knowing that you can simply get updated about what’s going on in Dubai.

Read magazine Dubai metro
Dubai Metro’s FREE Read. Magazine

Note: Once your done with reading, don’t litter! Remember, there’s a metro fine of 200 AED if you do.

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