Get Quality Furniture You Can Afford in Philippines with Harmony Furniture PH

OFWs who would like to send more premium gifts to their loved ones in the Philippines, why not get them some quality furniture to upgrade your home? It might be better than the usual gadgets, clothes, technology that we may regularly buy them as these items last longer especially those who are looking for quality materials.

Filipinos abroad who are looking for premium furniture at a price you can afford, Harmony Furniture PH offers quality beds, closets, tables, and other furniture. They’ve been around since 1982 and they guarantee expect quality items.

harmony furniture philippines

Harmony Furniture – High quality steel and wood furniture since 1982

“Home is where the family is.”

Are you an OFW who takes pride in being able to provide for your family back home?

Do you wonder if your sacrifices will be appreciated a year later, when the smartphones and gadgets you sent home become obsolete?

Would you like to send more meaningful gifts to your family that will last for years? That will transform their houses into elegant homes? That will make them proud hosts when guests, friends and relatives come over to visit?

Would you like to do this …

1. without breaking your budget
2. pay on installment basis,
3. select your products online
4. have these delivered to your residential address
5. Be assured of quality guarantee?

Look no further! At Harmony Furniture, we have something for everyone – every home, every room, every member of the family. Chances are you will find something nice for your home in our extensive catalogue. We can even do custom dimensions for an exact fit.

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Our designs are a mix of modern and classic. They are easy to pair with existing furnishings and can complement most any interiors. These designs are ours and patented, so you will not be seeing these from any importer. Your home will be uniquely furnished.

Our products use solid wood. No particle boards or MDFs. Mahogany wood is the mainstay of our furniture. We respect this wood by using proper woodworking techniques. No shortcuts. This is quality you can count on.

And because we make these ourselves, you will be getting factory-direct prices. Did we mention you can pay by installments?

Harmony Furniture PH

Visit our website or Facebook Page and talk to our online sales reps for more info! You can also pay us a visit – we are open Mondays thru Saturdays, 8am to 5pm.

Harmony Furniture, since 1982