How to Pasaload or Send Load Credit to Other Etisalat User

I’m an Etisalat user here in the UAE and I was so glad when I found out how I could send credit to another Etisalat user. I wanted to make this instructions guide so I can have a reference in case I forget the steps to load another cellphone.

For those of you who want to know how to send load using an Etisalat mobile number, you can simply do so doing a Pasaload transaction to that mobile number. All you need is just available credit inside your current mobile phone, and the Etisalat number where you’re going to share that load.

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How to Send Etisalat Load Instructions

First things first, you need to have available balance load in order to share that balance to another Etisalat User.

*100*Etisalat Number*Amount of Load#

For example:
If I were to send 50 Dirhams load to an Etisalat user with number 056 123 4567, I will need to type this on my cellphone.


You will receive a notification to confirm if you indeed wish to go through with the transaction. Press 1 to confirm the Etisalat pasaload. Afterwards, a
confirmation message will appear to say that you have successfully sent load to another Etisalat mobile user.

Sample successful transfer message from EtisalatINF:

“You have successfully transferred AED 50 to mobile number +971561234567. Thank you for using Etisalat Credit Transfer service.”

Note: Maximum share-a-load you can send is 100 Dhs per day. There will be an error message if you will exceed the load amount so you need to make sure it does not go beyond 100 Dirhams. Be careful not to type the wrong number, because you will not be able to undo it.

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