How to Pay SSS Contributions as an OFW in the UAE

Filipinos in the UAE and abroad it is very important that we take the time and save a portion of our salary for savings/insurance. One of these government programs is our Social Security System (SSS) pension. There has been a news announcement that SSS is now mandatory for all OFWs. But even if it is not mandatory, we really should contribute as it is for our future.

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Are you a member of the Philippine Social Security System (SSS)? If so, then you stand to gain from this government insurance program’s many benefits, which include sickness, maternity, disability, retirement — and more recently — unemployment benefits, among others. While the SSS was initially offered to private sector employees back in the Philippines, its programs have now been extended to voluntary members, such as the self-employed, non-working spouses, and of course, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) all over the world.

Check out the video below to watch how you can continue your SSS contributions while you are in the UAE.

The tips above are a summary of options of where you can send your monthly contributions. But in case you don’t want to watch the video, please check out the guide below.

Guide to Updating Your SSS Contributions in Dubai and UAE

If you are based in the Philippines, you can pay your contributions in SSS branches with a tellering facility, SM Payment Centre, Bayad Centre, or selected banks. But what if you are working overseas? How can you pay your SSS contributions from abroad?

How to Pay SSS Contribution in UAE

Here is a list of updated monthly contributions. The minimum amount has been increased to 960 Pesos per month. But you may choose the maximum amount for higher returns. You are not required to pay the maximum amount. However, if you want a better premium, it’s always good to choose the maximum.

In particular, how can you pay your SSS contributions in the UAE? Well, don’t worry because in today’s post, we’ll be discussing the different payment methods available.

#1 – Payment via Money Exchange Centres

Simply head to any of the following exchange/remittance centres, which are authorised to accept SSS contribution payments:

  • Al Ahalia Exchange
  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • Al Bader Exchange
  • Al Fardan Exchange
  • Al Fuad Exchange
  • Al Ghurair Exchange
  • Al Ghurair Int’l Exchange
  • Al Rostamani Int’l Exchange
  • Day Exchange
  • Delma Exchange
  • Deniba Int’l Exchange
  • Emirates India Int’l Exchange
  • Federal Exchange
  • Joy Alukkas Exchange
  • L M Exchange
  • Orient Exchange
  • Premier Int’l Exchange
  • Redha Al Ansari Exchange
  • UAE Exchange
  • Universal Exchange
  • Wall St Exchange

#2 – Payment via Family Member or Friend

If you prefer to pay your contributions in the Philippines, then you can ask a family member or friend to do it for you. As cited earlier, they can go to SSS branches with a tellering facility, SM Payment Centre, Bayad Centre, or selected banks. Just make sure that your representative has your Payment Reference Number (PRN) before paying your contribution.

#3 – Payment via Auto-Debit Programs

Some Philippine banks have auto-debit programs, which can automatically withdraw from your account to make SSS contributions on predetermined dates. Contact your local bank in the Philippines if you prefer to have this kind of arrangement.

How to Pay SSS Contribution in UAE

#4 – Payment via Online Platforms

Did you know that there are online platforms where you can pay your SSS (also PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG) contributions from anywhere in the world? Check out Bancnet, PayPilipinas, and Ventaja websites. You can connect your bank account or credit card account I have not tried this option yet but these are recommended online channels.

#5 – Payment  via Personal Transaction in the Philippines

Last option is when you visit the Philippines during your holiday, you may visit your bank, SSS branch, payment centres, etc. and personally pay your monthly contributions in advance and in bulk. So as you are having your holiday, you can keep it updated.

Additional Reminders from SSS Dubai

If you are based in Dubai, please take note of these deadlines for contribution payments:

  • January to December 2019 – payable until December 31, 2019 ONLY
  • October to December 2019 – extended until January 31, 2020

Remember that you will not be able to backdate the amount of your contributions. You may pay in advance, but you cannot pay for the previous years.

For more information, you may contact SSS Dubai by sending an email to or by calling their toll-free number for the UAE, 8000-6-3000-38.

Why is Paying our SSS Important?

First we are not going to be overseas forever especially in the UAE since our stay here is dependent only on our work visas, and the benefits that come with our employment is only limited to our work. If we don’t have work, we don’t have those benefits.

Secondly, we will become old and we will not be as active as we are now. Sooner or later, we will go back to our home countries and retire. So updating our SSS serves as one of our Savings and Insurance in case something happens to us, we and our beneficiaries can take advantage of the benefits available – such as Death benefits, Sickness, Maternity for Women, Hospitalization, and monthly allowance upon retirement, etc.

I hope you find this article useful and you can choose whatever option that is more convenient for you.  After all, the money that you contribute every month will add up to something especially when we retire. Better to get something when we retire than nothing at all.

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In the long run, the SSS program can benefit not only you, but your family members and loved ones as well. So, it’s important to pay contributions regularly! Meanwhile, to monitor your payments, read about how to view your SSS contributions online, anytime, anywhere!

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