Getting a Work Visa Permit for Dubai

Dubai – an emirate standing tall in the global picture, harboring diversity with so many expats coming from various parts of the world. All seeking employment and opportunities in this amazing destination. One might wonder how to get a work visa and permit for Dubai.

If you want to know how to land a job in Dubai, it’s important that you plan carefully to reach your dream to work here in a legitimate manner. An important factor that affects your tenure in Dubai is getting a work visa and a permit. Here are a few tips that will make this process easier for you.

How to Get a Work Visa and Permit for Dubai

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The Initial Application process

To get a work visa, you must have either a sponsor or a recruiter ready to vouch for you, in this case, to vouch for your employment. Getting the work visa is the responsibility of your employer.

Note: Please be advised that coming to Dubai on a tourist visa with the purpose of looking for a job is NOT allowed and you might get denied at the immigration counter if they find out. The legal way is for you to already have a work contract created in your home country prior to arriving. Usually, companies will find accredited agencies to hire people. However, there are cases who come to Dubai with a different visa (tourist, family, etc.), might get a job offer in the process and would need to exit Dubai and come back to Dubai with a different visa. 

The procedure starts with obtaining a written employment contract or offer letter from your potential recruiter. This assured, your visa application process starts on your behalf. The important thing to consider is that your recruiter is the one responsible for paying the visa processing fees. You will receive a communication from the UAE immigration department, once the details submitted have been verified.

The Examination , Documentation and Verification To Follow

Afterwards, you need to undergo a medical examination also consisting a blood test to rule out the chances of diseases like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and HIV. Keep in mind that health certification supports the claim of you being medically fit. This entails submitting the attested copied of your medical record along with all the passport documents, written job contract and your visa application.

Having obtained a health card, the next step is obtaining a labor card from Dubai’s Ministry of Labor. The documents to be submitted comprise of copies of your work contract, medical documents, the recruiter’s labor license, along with the copies of your entry visa. The next thing to follow is getting in touch with the Dubai General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs and filling out the application form for a residence visa.

Obtaining A Work Permit

After gaining a residence visa and a labor card, you’ll be granted with an employment visa valid for 30 days. This allows you to start your job, whilst the recruiter completes the processing of all your documents. The 30 days visa assigned to you will allow you to enter Dubai once within 2-months from the issuing date. However, you need to make sure that you are in possession of the following documents.

  • Your passport size photograph
  • Passport (Valid for at least 6 months)
  • A valid health card
  • Your residency visa
  • The company’s license for trade
  • Your qualification documents
  • At least 3 copies of work contract having both yours as well the employer’s signatures

These assured and verified, you’ll surely get a work permit from the Dubai General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs, to live and work here.

Take note that the Labour law changes from to time and the information above may need to be updated. The goal is to give you an idea of the work visa process in the UAE.

Getting a work visa and a permit for Dubai is no rocket-science, if the above mentioned tips are clearly kept in mind. It’s just the basics you need to stick to, rest, there is plenty Dubai has in store for you!


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