Man Charged for Sexually Assaulting a Filipina

The Dubai Court of First Instance has charged a man for kidnapping and raping a woman. The defendant, a 29-year-old Pakistani, took her to a remote area after inviting her for dinner. The incident took place last year, November 14, and was filed at the Jebel Ali police station.

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According to the victim, a 25-year-old Filipina accountant, the man reassured her that he would not hurt her, so at first she felt confident about riding in his car. After having dinner, however, he refused to take her home and drove to a remote, desert location instead.

Man Charged for Sexually Assaulting a Filipina 3

Man Arrested for Kidnapping & Raping Filipina in Dubai

At the Dubai Court, the defendant was accused of kidnapping, raping, and sexually assaulting the victim, Khaleej Times reported. Prosecutors’ investigation revealed that he met the woman about one month before the incident.

The Filipino woman shared that she used to chat with the man on WhatsApp. On the day of the incident, she sent him a message. He then invited her out and promised not to hurt her, she said.

Using a pickup vehicle from his workplace, the man picked her up around 8:30 pm. They had dinner in a restaurant before going to another cafe. After that, he did not take her home but drove speedily to a remote and dark location, under some trees.

The victim said that she couldn’t run away because they were in the middle of nowhere. The man stepped out of the car, went to her seat, and pulled her to the back of the car. He sexually assaulted her, even as she tried to kick him. He punched and bit her, then raped her again.

As she was putting on her clothes, the man forced her to kiss him as he filmed her. He then bought some bandages and food before dropping her off to her place. He threatened to kill her if she tried to report him to the police, saying that he had influential connections.

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After the incident, the woman confided to her friend, who helped her in filing a police complaint. Soon after receiving her complaint, the police arrested the defendant.

In court, the man denied all the charges against him, claiming that the sex was consensual. In response, the victim explained that he took photos and videos against her will, to make her appear like a consenting partner.

Prosecution investigators observed that the woman recalled the incident in an emotional way, indicating that she was victimized. A forensic report also found traces of the defendant’s DNA on her undergarments, and she had bruises and injuries from the incident.

The court has set February 19, 2019 as the schedule of the next hearing on the case.

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Let this incident be a reminder to everyone — men and women alike — to be careful about who they meet on social media. If you encounter any suspicious acts or persons, do not hesitate to report to the police, for your own security and the public’s safety as well.