Filipina Nanny Receives Car as Gift from Employer

A Filipina nanny in Abu Dhabi has just received a generous gift from her employer. Dina Tenerife Celo, a 47-year-old Filipina from Camarines Sur, is now the proud owner of a car!

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This is actually not the first time that Celo received a gift from her employer, Melissa McPike, who is an American married to an Emirati. Back in 2017, McPike gave her AED 23,000 to purchase a lot and financed the building of Celo’s two-bedroom house in the Philippines.

According to The Filipino Times, McPike gave Celo a second-hand Nissan car so that she could visit her son, who is also living and working Abu Dhabi. Driving the car makes it more convenient for Celo to travel and see her son, instead of using public transportation.

Before giving her the car, Celo explained that her employer often sees her rushing to catch the bus. In addition, changes in bus routes were introduced last December. So what used to be two bus rides has now become five — making Celo’s travel time even longer and more tiresome!

That was when Celo’s employer told her: “After two weeks, no more bus.” Indeed, two weeks later, McPike gave her a second-hand car! Since then, Celo has been able to take the car out for a spin with her friends. Definitely, she will be able to travel and visit her son more comfortably!

Aside from the car, Celo also received Christmas gifts from McPike and her sons, Saif and Saeed — whom she has been caring for since they were young. Indeed, Celo has become a beloved part of the family!

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Working abroad as a nanny or housemaid is not easy, but kind employers like McPike and her family make it all worthwhile. Kudos to our kababayan, Celo, for your dedication and hard work! You truly deserve all the great blessings that you are receiving today!

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